Destiny/DomiNeko's Prologue

You think your life is strange?

Take it from someone whose life was changed forever by meeting the Goddess Aphrodite and recieving a powerful collar called the “Jewel of Aphrodite”…And was transformed into the Leather-Clad,Bondage Loving,Bisexual Crimefighter of SexuaCity.

My name is Destiny Minx. I was once a very good Massage Therapist for the SexuaCity Spa and Beauty Salon. Still am. Just…Now my life is a bit different. I’m a bit clumsy,to say the most. If it’s not spilling lotion all over yourself by accident by having you two tails knock over a whole display of the stuff,it’s pressing in too hard on your client when you’re stareing at a hot guy or girl. Whoops!

Now,About myself..I’m 24,going on 25. My claws are always painted…And i always have makeup on. I have Two tails…Yes…I know whatcha thinking…”Why Two tails?” Easy. Birth Defect. But it’s awesome. My hair is Shoulder-length and Black…Natural black. I have Two piercings in my ears,an Eyebrow ring on my Right Side,a Tongue Ring,and only one tattoo….It’s of a white Tigress…My mom. She died…and i don’t feel like re-telling how it happened.

But,SexuaCity is my birthplace,my home. It’s a futuristic paradise if you’re into that kind of thing. I am,but i’m more into Music myself. My best friend is Singa Styles, the owner of the hottest Night club in the city, the Cherry Bomb Nightclub…And my Boyfriend is Jacob Fox….A Video Game designer. And then there’s his friend Jacob Hunter. He’s the owner of a really good Music Shop.

Enough about my friends….It’s time i told you about Dr. Nightmare. He’s the evil scientist that wants to turn everyone here in SexuaCity Straight. You see,Almost everyone here is Straight,Bi,Gay, or Lesbian. I,myself am Bisexual. And proud of it.  Yet,Nightmare, Shadowrine…The British Wolverine,Lady-Killer…The Deadly Barn Owl,and Firepaw, the Silent yet Destructive Coyote  want to either kill,Convert,or capture all the Same-Sex Lovers. And just leave the straight people. I’m not gonna stand for it. Never.

But,Ever since i fell in that big hole in Erotic Park…and met the Goddess of Love,Aphrodite…My life was changed forever. She gave me the Jewel of Aphrodite Collar that changed me into the Black,Pink and Red Leather-clad,Sexy Dark Angel of SexuaCity. Later on,i gain a team of my own….That i’ll tell you later when the story itself starts up. I don’t wanna ruin it for you.

But i will tell you this.

If Dr.Nightmare tries to hurt another that is of a different Sexuality…I’ll stop him. We all deserve to be free to express our feelings whether we love the Same sex or the Opposite Sex…Love has no Gender or Race. And if he can’t see that,I’ll put him to justice. No body will get harmed when i’m around.

This is my Destiny. My Life. My Curse wrapped in a Blessing.

My name is Destiny Minx.

But you may call me…

DomiNeko,The Dark Angel of SexuaCity.

Dr.Nightmare's Prologue

Love. How i hate it….I despise it all….Every kind of love….Woman and Woman,Men with Men,a Woman with both Male and Female tendencies…I hate it all. Ever since that fateful day…

My name is Dr.Alexander Kenneth Ness. But…That was my name before the tragic curse that had befallen my heart. You see,I have only One tail…Unlike that bitch of a super heroine named DomiNeko…I have no piercings,Tattoos,or long hair like her. In fact,i have no hair anymore. Just my jet black fur that matches the pain in my heart. Ever since the day i lost my wife…I changed my name to suit my inner soul…My name is now Dr.Nightmare. Because i want to become a nightmare for those who really cross my path.

You see,I was once a very accomplished scientist. I was once the greatest scientist in SexuaCity. I used to work with some of the best in my field of Chemestry. I used to help people with their love lives as well. If i wasn’t helping the people at the DarkStar Pharmecutical Offices to create new prescription medications that help couples with “Spicing up” their love lives at they call it,I was helping people find that special someone by hosting Speed-dating over at this lovely resturaunt here named “The Golden Rabbit”.

However,That one day i was working at the resturaunt…I met a lovely Red-haired fox named “Nina Dawn Mcintyre.” She was so gorgeous when i saw her…Long red hair down to her back,a strapless black evening gown,long legs that were covered by black stockings…a pair of gorgeous blue eyes accented her heart-shaped face…And yet she had the nicest set of breasts under that dress. Nice,firm,and yet not too big or too small…But at the sight of her,I knew i just had to have her. She was gorgeous. She was amazing. She was….Bisexual.

Let’s zoom ahead about 2 years…March the 27th of 2009 was the day i…Lost all my love. so to speak.  You see,I married Nina two years ago to this date. We were planning on having children of our own…A Fox/Wolf hybrid…That would’ve been so amazing…Until i spotted my wife talking with this slutty-looking Polar bear woman named Diane…Turns out she was one of her old school buddies…But…That friendship was cut short when Diane kissed my wife on the lips and they started making out in front of me.

It was “Hot” for about 5 minutes…But then it started to make me jealous. She knew different skills than what i knew. I told them to stop it while i went out to get some roses for our Anniversary. And yet…When i came back home with the boquet of lovely Red and White roses….I noticed my wife and her friend was gone. Where did they go? Easy. To our bedroom. I opened the door to spot my wife getting her pussy licked by her friend…I dropped the boquet with a dropped jaw…She spotted me and tried to explain it to me…

I wouldn’t let her. I crushed the roses underneath my boot…I threw my wedding band down the drain….i grabbed my gun out from underneath the bed….Diane ran away,clothes in hand….But i didn’t let Nina escape. I pinned her to the wall…Raped her….and then did the ultimate sin…I shot her.  The last words i said to her were “How could you….You bitch…I loved you so much…And you do this to me? Never again.”

The next day at the lab, I was working on a new serum to help women increase their bust size…Until the flashbacks in my mind got to me…The images i saw….I mixed the wrong compounds together which caused the room to explode…starting a huge fire. When the fire got to me…It burned my face,my arm,and my entire lower torso…leaving me a burned,disfigured mess.

As i laid there in the hospital, a Bandaged and scarred up mess….connected to IV Fluids,my body suspended by slings that were attached to my bed…Thoughts were racing in my mind…Many different thoughts…Some were flashbacks….And with those flashbacks i saw…My anger…My Rage grew inside…

It was that Bisexual bitch Diane and my now-dead ex-wife that caused all of this…And then, it came to me…”What if…There were no Same-Sex love at all? Then people wouldn’t have to have to suffer the heartbreak that looms over my mind every time i think about…Her and her friend….”

The day i left the hospital….I met the three people who would help me destroy all Same-Sex love forever. Samantha Marie Michales, a Barn Owl-woman whose heart was crushed by her fiancee leaving her for a gay man…She had called herself “Lady-Killer” Because she was very lovely…And very vain. Then there was Seamus Hunter Hearter…An English Bulldog that just hated the sight of the same sex kissing eachother or making love. He called himself “Firepaw” because of his red paws….That strangely enough generated a lof of heat no matter what he touched. And finally, a Tasmanian Devil…His name was Thomas William Henry…He just hated any and all relationships…except the one he was in right now. He was married to a nice Koala-woman. He called himself “Shadowrine” because of his Jet-black fur and sharp wolverine-like instincts…Even though he wasn’t one.

We became the Anti-Bi Squad….What? It was better than the “Anti-LGBT Squad” That would be weird. But anyway…Ever since DomiNeko and her team arrived along with the spirits of Aphrodite,Eros,and Mars…They’ve stopped my every attempt at stopping all love (except for straight people) forever…..I will succeed one day….And i will kill anyone who tries to stop me.

This is my new life.

My curse… 

Forever jaded….

I was once Alexander Kenneth Ness…

But you may now call me….