Welcome To the Dungeon.

Welcome to The Diary of DomiNeko. From here on,This Main page will be filled with Story Updates,Site Updates,and other things. :) I hope to see some good reviews for each chapter! :D You can leave your reviews in an E-mail or through my Twitter account: @DarkDomiNeko. Enjoy the story...As it goes on. ;)
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Story Update

I'm still workin on DomiNeko: The Dark Dominatrix,But there's gonna be some things changed. Both I and Destiny both have New Boyfriends,so the Bios will be updated....and how would you like to score some awesome offers from Adam and Eve? Click the banner above to check it out! If you buy something from them, i get stuff in return. So we both win! ^_^ BTW: The newest Chapter of DomiNeko will contain a new Heroine,Mistress Melody! I hope to get the story up this month or next month. depending on how long i decide to make it. Enjoy!

Updates 4/25/2010

  • Bondage Beauty Bio Added
    Chapter 3: "This Fire Burns" Part 1 Added to "Story Page"
    Link Buttons will be Added Soon to Re-link back to here! (as soon as i figure out how to make these.)

Updates 4/22/2010

  • DomiNeko's Playlist Added
    Costume Layouts Added

    Oh! :D I wanna show you something. My Friend is @HumanPuppet on Twitter...and his biggest dream in life is to dance with Ellen DeGeneres. (Hostess of ELLEN.)


 This is the Wheelchair Bubble Pop. :3 It looks so cool! I wanna try! But i don't have a wheelchair. However,i still have Bubble Wrap! :D

Updates 4/12/2010

  • Chapter 2: The Nightmare Begins Updated w/Full Story
    Coming Soon: DomiNeko's Playlist (This will have the songs from the entire 3 series of the story in it.)

Updates 4/9/2010-4/10/2010

  • Formspring Page Added
    Scotty Valaschon/Shadowstreak Bio Added
    Val/DigiDiva Bio Added
    Gods/Goddesses Page Added
    Chapter 2: The Nightmare Begins, Part 1 Uploaded to the "Story" Page

Updates 4/7/2010

  • Part 1 of Solitary Soul uploaded

    Part Two will be done soon.

Updates 4/6/2010

  • Prologue:Both Sides Added
    Characters: Allies Added
    Characters: Enemies Added
    Chapter 1 Uploaded
    New Pages Created: Reviews,Contact Page,Artwork
    Sub-Story Page Added.

    The Sub-Story to DomiNeko: The Dark Angel...is "Solitary Soul". If you've ever watched "Solitary 4.0" or earlier seasons 3.0,2.0 or 1.0, You notice that Val has no Physical Form. Only a Bracketed Octagonal face. Later on in this story, She becomes DomiNeko's Digital friend...But as an Android. The Sub-Story is kinda dark. More will be revealed in the story itself. Her Bio will be added in the Allies section very soon. Keep Watching.