Chapter 3: This Fire Burns

Chapter 3: This Fire Burns.


The next day, I was heading into work…Again. I thought Buck was gonna keep us closed for a few days to take care of his new daughter, Valerie. Looks like i was wrong. As I drove into the city, I noticed there was a cute little yard sale on the way. I had a few minutes left before I had to go into work, so I decided to pull over and give a quick look around before I had to go. There were some cute tops and sweaters on a clothesline, some lovely looking vases and other things….But there was something that just caught my eye. Then again, it was bright and the jewelry was blinding me. After picking up a couple of t-shirts, one was solid hot pink and the other was white and had the words “Snow Kitten” on it….I walked over to the table that had all the pretty necklaces, rings and earrings…All of it was just glimmering in the bright sunlight, and just hot to the touch. Literally. I picked a earring up and it burned my finger.

“Ouch!” I said, dropping the earring back onto the table and just shook the pain away. They were pretty though. Little studded diamond roses….I knew Singa would love these. So I picked them up and put them with the shirts I got. As I looked over the many pretty bracelets and necklaces…One of them looked just…Beautiful. It was a sexy black leather bracelet that had a star-shaped diamond in the middle, a Pink Diamond on the Left side, and a Red Diamond on the right.…a Real set of diamonds. And yet, they’re passing it off as a faux diamond bracelet. I knew it was real from it’s beautiful shine, and I tapped the jewels with a claw to check it’s hardness on all three stones. If it was fake…It would’ve had a small scratch from where I tapped it. I looked at the price…

“They want 10 bucks for this?! These are real diamonds! Do they not know?” I said to myself…until I looked at the person who was selling it. A Nice-looking Sloth girl….I knew her, but her name always escaped my mind. She wasn’t the brightest bulb in the drawer…yet, she did graduate the same year as me. However…She didn’t know the difference between a Real or a Fake Diamond. Whoops. I picked it up and put it with Singa’s earrings. I still wondered how she graduated high school when she didn’t pass science. Geology wasn’t her strong point, but Ecology was.

“What the hell. I’ll buy it. It looks like it would go great with these earrings.” I said, walking up to the sloth girl. Her name was Allegra Glenmora. Slow in mind and body, but strong in spirit. She was pretty cool though. And when she wasn’t sleeping or gardening…she was a good artist. Her dream was to become a world-famous painter. And I supported her dream. Even I love to draw and paint. To describe her more, She was about 5 foot tall, with amber brown eyes and long blue hair. Her sister worked at my favorite gym that I go to on my days off. She too, was a sloth girl like her…but she was more active. But you could always see Allegra in her favorite color…Lime Green. Everything in her closet was that color.

I walked up to her with the stuff in hand, but she was resting in her chair. A trail of drool came out of her mouth and onto her chest, which was being sunburned from the sun while she wore a lime green tank-top and a lime green mini skirt. (Sheesh…is she going for the Lime look?). With a small nudge from my longer tail, she woke up. She moved the strands of blue hair out of her face as she looked up at me.

“Oh hey, Destiny….What’s up?” She said with a relaxed tone.

“Hey, Allegra. Fell asleep in the sun again?” I said, giggling.

“Looks like it…So, Ready to check out?”

“Yeah…Just these shirts and some jewelry…Ooh! And these shoes as well!” I said, picking up a pair of reddish-pink high heels.

“Gotcha…” She gave a big yawn and started doing some math on a pad of paper. “Okay….!0...2, 2,and 15.…That’s about….34.” She was slow at math sometimes, but she was right. I paid her the money and got my stuff bagged up.

“So, Heading to work, D?”

“Yeah. Even though his wife just had a baby, he still wants to come into work and not take care of the new one. It’s like he doesn’t care at all. I mean….A new life has just been awakened…and he doesn’t want to help take care of the little one until we close up shop for the day…Shouldn’t he take a break and watch over the new baby for a couple of days while his wife recovers?” I said, picking my bag up.

“That’s the problem with people like him…He’s too greedy and selfish. Hell…If I had a kid, I’d take care of him or her for a good time while I healed up…Then again, I don’t even have a job yet.” Allegra said, stretching up to wake herself up again. “Well, I’ll see you later. Ok? Drop by for a visit!”

“Will do! See ya!”

I got back in my car and noticed the red light on my phone flash. Picking it up as I sat my bag down in the floorboard of the passenger seat, I pressed a button and noticed the number. “325-4829”. That was Bertha’s number! Why the fuck would she call me?! I reached in my purse and pulled out my pink bluetooth headset. I re-dialed the number and was greeted by her call-tone, “I Came to Party” by Cinema Bizarre. I still wondered why she chose that. This woman was crazier than some of the people I saw at the gym. It rung for a while until I heard an annoying and nasally ”Hello?”

I cringed from her voice, but spoke into the headset.

“What’s going on?”

“Easy. Buck is gonna be Two hours late…His wife is forcing him to stay home to take care of the new kid. I’ve already punched us both in so we don’t get in trouble. So, take your time coming into work today, hun. I’m out getting my hair done before I get in.”“Two Hours? What did she say to him?”

“From what I hear, I heard her say that if he doesn’t take care of the kid, she’s not gonna give him sex for long time.”

That’s harsh…Even for her. But thanks for the heads up.”“Oh! Wait! Before you hang up----”

I got too tired of her voice already, so I clicked off. But just as soon as I closed my car door, A mysterious wind started blowing in behind me….Until I found out what was causing it….I saw a Yellow and Blue blur speed past me with a Red Blur joining him. The force was so strong, it blew a couple of trees over and even hit my car with a bag of lawn clippings! The two blurs were speeding towards town, leaving me confused and shocked. I clutched my chest, hoping to calm down from the two strange figures speeding past the whole cul-de-sac…It was like….Watching a sonic boom in action….From what I figured, it was probably the military base two towns over trying a new weapon or something…But I didn’t take any chances.

“What was that?!” I said, a bit shaky. It was like I saw something break the sound barrier or some strange thing….

I clutched the steering wheel until I heard a calming voice behind me.

“Destiny….Are you alright?”It was Venus. She was in her Snow Owl form, sitting on my purse. She felt the energy from me panicking over the strange figures that ran past my car and into the city. She morphed into her human form, but as a spirit, since she could not take on a corporeal form.

“Destiny…Are you ok?”
“No…I saw something….More like Two somethings…a Strange Yellow and a Weird looking red Blur speed past me…I thought it was a missile or something….It knocked over two trees and even a bag of lawn clippings….do you not see the green grass on the back of my car?” “I see…Do you need me to find out what that strange occurrence was? “

 “No…Not right now. We’ll mess with that later. I’m gonna go get something to eat…maybe that will calm me down.” “Okay. I’ll be flying around the city if you need me. Oh…Before I forget…Your collar has a secret besides the ability to transform. You have other forms as well.”

“I do? How do I access them?”“That is a mystery…That you must figure out on your own. I cannot tell you. They will reveal themselves to you in time, which you have plenty of as long as there is no danger. Ok?”

“Ok. Thanks.”

When I said that, She transformed back to her winged form and flew away into the city. I pulled out of my parking spot and drove down the long hill down into the city as well, making sure to calm down before I did anything. It took me a while to finally get down the hill because I was scared of another one of those strange things happening. When I finally got into the city, I noticed Scotty’s music shop had a banner in the window telling people that The Black Eyed Peas were gonna be here, signing copies of their latest CD, The E.N.D. First 20 people that came in would get a free CD. I was amazed on how he got one of my favorite groups here to do a signing! I had a T-shirt from their Elephunk tour that I wanted to get signed by Fergie and Will. I. Am! I already had apl-de-ap and Taboo’s signatures….Fergie and Will-I-am wasn’t there because they had to get ready for the show. Oh well. I drove down the street to the local McDonalds to get some breakfast.

When I walked in, I noticed John and Jacob at one of the tables just talking amongst themselves. I waved at them and got in line to order my food. After asking for a Pancake plate, no meat…a bowl of Cinna-Bites, a glass of Orange Juice and some Coffee to take with me, I paid and waited for my order to be filled. Jacob walked up to me in his jean shorts and Black “Affliction” T-Shirt, wrapping one of his nine tails around my waist to give me a hug.

“Hey, Baby…” he whispered to me.

“Hey, honey…” I said back, giggling as I picked my tray up and decided to join them at their table.

When I sat down and got myself situated, I noticed John was just now finishing up 3 out of four Breakfast burritos with his friend. They both bought 4 each to see who could finish first. Even though they ate slowly.

“So. What are you two up to today? Anything new?”

“Yeah… We’re gonna work on a new game today that involves a Cybernetic Snowboarding world. And then we’re gonna Skype it over to EA Sports to see if they want to make a new SSX Game out of it! Maybe call it…SSX Techno or something.” Jacob said to me, as John raised his head up from his food.

“Yeah…But then I think we’re gonna open the store later on after that.”

You see, Both boys owned one of the coolest game stores here. “Lunar Games” was similar to an EB-Games or a GameStop. But as you can tell, a Fox and a Wolf ran the place. You can guess who is who here. But it was pretty nice in there. They usually ran some pretty nice promos sometimes, and they even threw a Guitar Hero World Tour party! ….Now that was wild.

“So…Anything new with You, Destiny?” John said.

“Yeah…Just that my boss is a total greedy asshole. He’s wanting me and the girls to come in work today! But that bitch of a co-worker let me know that he’s not coming in for a couple of hours, so I’m just gonna get something to eat and probably drop off the stuff I bought for Singa.” I said, taking a bite of my pancakes. The syrup dripped onto my open V-Neck shirt, but Jacob licked off me without warning…And I wondered why I just couldn’tve just used a napkin. Oh well…Just wish he didn’t do that in public.

“Mmm…” He said.

“Could you not do that while I’m eating?!” John said, giving a glare to his friend. “You know how I feel about that…”

“Sorry, man….Can’t help it. Anyway….Did you notice the two weird blurs that went by us?”

I choked a bit on a Cinna-bite when he said that. After taking a big drink of orange juice, I said “What?”

“Yeah….we saw two weird blurs run by us…it literally knocked us down!!!” Jacob said, finishing up his third burrito.

“I saw them too! It blew a bag of grass onto my car….I’m glad I didn’t get hit by the trees that fell down….” I said, until Jacob said…

“What?!?!?! “

“Yeah…The force was too strong….It blew down a couple of trees. Don’t worry. I got out of there in time.” I said, taking another bite of my pancakes and a Cinna-bite at the same time. Not bad.

We all sat around for a good half-hour, eating breakfast…But I felt a weird presence here…Just like when I sensed Samantha….And when I sensed Lady-Killer….It was that same pulse…But stronger. It was like someone was here that didn’t need to be…

Over in the corner, there was a regal-looking English Bulldog with red paws, Red hair and a Beard/Mustache combo…(It made him look a bit Irish) that was shooting glances over at me. He wore a casual-looking Black business suit with a rose in the lapel…But that rose wasn’t an ordinary rose. I noticed him mess with the rose a bit before whispering into it.

“Firepaw here. The girl is in sight. Shall I make my move now?”

“No. Do that, and you’ll be as foolish as Lady-Killer….You’ll get caught. Be slow this time, and make sure you keep yourself incognito for a while before making your move.”

“Roger. Is the creature ready to be unleashed just yet?”

“Not just yet. When it’s time, I will unleash it. The creature will be able to use it’s many tentacles to try and take care of this Bisexual pain-in-the ass. Especially what the monster has in store for her…”“Gotcha. Firepaw out.”I didn’t hear any of that….But it was odd….Who was that?

“What’s up? Oh…That guy? His name is Seamus Helmsley…He’s not nice. Believe me.” Said Jacob.

I finished up my food and picked my coffee up.

“Well, I’m not gonna mess with someone like that. I’m gonna head on out. Ok?”

“Okay. We’ll see you later!” Both of them said, waving me goodbye.

I walked out with my cup of coffee, but noticed that Seamus was gone as well. When I walked back to my car to put my drink down, that weird pulse came back. This pulse felt like a Heartbeat this time…It was like…Every time I felt a dark presence…I felt this strange pulse of energy through my body….I didn’t understand why that happens to me. Maybe it was Serena’s spirit inside me, telling me that someone was nearby that I didn’t need to mess with or something…I didn’t know. But when I got in, I noticed a rose-like dart in the passenger seat with a letter.“I know who you are. I am the Second of the Three….Later on….You will find out who I am. See you soon…DomiNeko.”

I was now extremely scared. I always kept myself hidden when I transformed…clutching the letter in my hand, I sat there with a trembling sigh….How did he know who I was? How did Lady-Killer know? Seriously!!! Who knew about me other than Venus?! I took the rose out from my seat and tore it up with a single crush of my hand. Tossing it out the window, I pulled out of the parking lot again and drove straight to the Cherry Bomb to deliver Singa’s stuff.

It wasn’t long until I reached the Cherry Bomb, which….Instead of the strange Penis and Heart-shaped bushes that were outside the club, in their places were flower arrangements in the colors of the Bisexuality Pride and Gay Pride Flags. One set was Purple-Blue, other was Multicolor. What was Singa up to today? Until it hit me. I remember her saying something about a famous Fashion Model appearing in a few days to hold the SexuaCity Drag Race. RuPaul was the one coming here to judge the Drag race…Vince Rainfeather is a huge fan of him. (Even though it’s more Woman than Man….Drag Queens are cool.) I pulled into the parking lot and grabbed the bag. As I walked inside, the stage was already decorated to look like a runway, a Sign up Sheet was already being filled out by a pair of Spider Monkey Twin Boys and a Wolf-Dude. Even Reala’s Brother Luca was signing up for the competition. Reala wasn’t into the whole Drag thing. He loved Vore more. And from what I hear…I believe Furrett hooked up with him and are now a couple. Vore wasn’t my cup of tea. Being eaten is just wrong in my opinion. Anyway…

I walked up to the bar and sat the bag down. Singa turned around and gave me a small smile. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a ponytail and her brown colored fur was now dyed a lighter brown ….like a Tan brown. (Her original fur color was Light Blonde, but she dyed it.) After mixing a Whiskey Sour for a very attractive Hyena-Dude, She walked up to me and put her elbows on the counter.

“What’s up, Destiny?”

“Nothing. Just bought you some stuff from a cute yard sale…” I said, pulling out the Earrings, Heels and Bracelet. I noticed Singa’s green eyes light up in happiness when she saw the jewelry…She took out her top hoops and put them in her pocket, replacing them with the rose studs. She kept the bottom hoops in, giving more of a sexy look to her eyes. She also took off her wrap-around bracelet, and replaced it with the leather cuff bracelet instead…The Star-shaped diamond sparkled in the bright light of the bar…But when she put it on…I sensed a mysterious energy radiating from the stone itself…I was unsure of what the hell was happening.

“Thank you so much!!! Is all of this for me?!” She said, looking at her wrist, and feeling the diamonds in her ears.

“Totally. You’ve been working hard, Singa. You deserve a treat! Try the shoes on!” I said, handing her the shoes. She slipped out of her Teal colored Sandal-Heels and slipped on the Rose colored High Heels. She looked amazing in those…That when a nice-looking Chinchilla dude appeared, ordering a Candyland Spritzer (Lemon Vodka, Strawberry Daiquiri Mix, Pineapple Juice.), She walked along the wall of mixers and put the drink together without a single Ouch coming from her lips. It was like she had some extra padding in her shoes or something…I didn’t know. When she handed the drink to the guy and walked back, she slipped out of the heels and back into her Sandal- Heels, placing her high heels in her purse (that can hold a freaking Two-Liter Diet Soda in them!) and gave me a huge hug.

“Girl, I love these. I’m never taking this bracelet off…And the earrings…These look amazing…I think you deserve a treat as well. Lookie! Your favorite drink!” Singa said, handing me a bottle of my favorite vodka…Smirnoff Pomegranate Vodka. I seriously loved the stuff. I gave Singa a hug as well and put the bottle in my bag along with my shirts.

“Thank you so much, Singa…Hey. Why not come down to my house tonight for a movie? Jacob and his friend are gonna be talking to EA Sports tonight and I’m gonna be bored. We can have some of this and maybe watch Avatar?”

“Sure! I’ll be over around 10. Ok?”

“Sweet. I’ll pop the popcorn, You bring yourself. I’ve got plenty of snacks.”

She gave me a small giggle and nodded. Taking the bag out with me , I walked out of the bar and back to my car…Another rose was attached to my windshield. I took it off and destroyed the rose. When I opened the note, it said: “DomiNeko…

In Five days, a creature will be unleashed upon the city. But until then…You’ll have to deal with me. I’m in the process of making a weapon that will wipe out the entire Bisexual Population….It will be a real “Shock” to your system. So to speak. If you want to find me…I’ll be at Sweetheart Park at Noon today. Try and stop me, you Bisexual Pain-in-the-ass.

-Shadowrine.”Who was Shadowrine? But then I remembered what Samantha had told me….She told me about Shadowrine, Lady-Killer and Firepaw…He was the Second of the Three Anti-Bi Squad members….Looks like he was out to get me….He and the other two…I stopped One, but Two were remaining. It looks like I had a job to do…But then I heard my phone ring. “Humanoid” rang through my pocket and with a huge sigh, I pulled the phone out and slid it open. It was a Text from the bitch this time. “Yo, Destiny. Buck’s wife won’t let him go to work today…So it looks like we have a day off. But Tomorrow, It will be time to work again. Enjoy! Maybe we can hang out?- Bertha.”

“Looks to me, I’ll have plenty of time to find out more about this creep. Now all I need to do is get to the park and look around. “ I said, until I heard that same Sonic Boom from before…It was coming towards me this time…I closed my eyes, hoping it would miss me…It was short-lived though…Because when the boom faded, I heard a voice.

“Hey, lady…Up here.”

I opened my eyes and noticed a Yellow Hedgehog with White Gloves, Blue Shoes, Black Biker Hat and a Black Spiked Collar…He had the markings of a Pikachu, but wasn’t one….Yet, he had an electric personality. The other one was a Red Echidna with a Crescent moon-shaped tuft of fur on his chest, Red Dreadlocks and large white hands with spikes on them, while on his feet were Yellow/Red shoes. He wore a pair of Jeans and a Miskeen T-Shirt. Both were about 6’1”, yet the Yellow looking Hedgehog…Was naked. His long cock was out in the breeze, just dangling there. I was thinking…”Nudist.”

“Who are you two?” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“I’m Sonichu. And this is my friend, Knuckles.” Sonichu Said, tilting his head to point where his friend was.

“Yo.” Knuckles said, giving me a small nod.

“What are you two doing here?” I said, confused.

“We were just speeding though the city, hoping to find someone to suck my Three-mile-Cock--” Sonichu said until Knuckles muffled his mouth.

“Idiot. We were originally sent to find you and help you stop Shadowrine…We got a signal from the Master emerald that you would be here and we were hoping we could help in any way…Plus, We also have a signal from here saying there might be a Chaos Emerald here somewhere.”

“Ummm…Sure…But first, we need to get to Sweetheart Park. That’s where he said he would be. And a Chaos Emerald? Here? Wow…” I said, Watching Sonichu struggle against Knuckles’ hand in order to speak.

“Well, Come on and transform already! Let’s kick some Shadowrine ass! I Don’t have all day! I have places to go, People to let suck my three-mile-cock…Hell, is Mary Lee Walsh here? I feel a major boner coming on….” Sonichu said, stroking his dick.

“Dude…Will you quit doing that ?! Wait until later so you can jerk off! I don‘t need to see you masturbating during a mission!” Knuckles said.

“You two just be quiet…I need peace in order to transform! And if you two mess it up, I‘ll beat you two over the head with a brick!” I said with a sigh, putting my hand on my Heart-shaped charm. “Power Of Love, Power of Beauty, Open my Heart…And Set me free!” And with that, my outfit changed into my DomiNeko form, my black cloak appearing on my back to finish the transformation. Sonichu and Knuckles stared at my new look, giving each other a sly looking smirk as if to say “Nice.” . “You two, Hold onto my cloak. We’re gonna fly to the park.”“”Fly!?” Sonichu said, raising an eyebrow. “That’s super gay. I’d rather run!”

“But you don’t know the way to the park….And if you get lost, you might not get the chance to get someone to give you a big BJ. And Flying is not Gay! I do it, you idiot!…Mainly, I Glide, But it‘s still flying! Next time you say that, I‘m gonna beat your head in and shove my foot up your ass so hard, you won‘t want to have sex for months!” Knuckles said.

“….I’m holding on. And I still say Flying is gay…But the next time you call me an Idiot, I‘ll cock-whip you! But watch it, knucklehead…I‘ll Cock-whip you so hard, even your future children will feel it!” Sonichu said, groaning.

Knuckles held on as well giving Sonichu a mean-looking Death-Glare, as I concentrated my energy into my feet. They started pulsating a light blue aura as I hovered a few feet off the ground. Kicking off the ground, I went straight up into the air, the two men holding onto my cloak. As we went up higher, I noticed a strange-looking antenna sticking up and out of the park. It looked like a huge-ass radio antenna…About 12 stories high and about 45 Feet wide…What was it doing there in the first place?! Until I remembered the note. “A Shock to our Systems”….I didn’t understand it all…But when we flew over there, Knuckles let go in order to glide next to me. His dreadlocks fluttered in the breeze as he flew.

“Hey…Want me to see what’s going on over there?”

“ Sure. Go on ahead and let me know what’s happening.”

He flew on ahead towards the weird tower, gliding over some of the buildings as he looked down to observe the city. After a while, he was directly over the park, A strange Figure, about Medium build…was there at the base of the Tower, typing a long, complicated code into a small laptop computer which caused the tower to glow a deep purple color while charging up…. He wore a demonic looking battle suit that looked more like a Samurai‘s Armor, Black and Crimson in color….His face was covered by a black Ninja-like mask that only covered his nose and mouth…Long Golden gloves adorned his arms that were decorated with short spikes…His boots, which looked like they were Black Military Grade boots…Were covered with long hooks, so that if he kicked someone, they would be stuck…and he would have to rip them out forcefully. His long black hair was sticking out from the top of the mask in a Samurai Ponytail, along with his short Wolverine like tail…It looks like Shadowrine was here.

“Whoa…So that’s Shadowrine. Destiny! Sonichu! Get down here!” Knuckles said, allowing me and Sonichu to fly down to where he was. All three of us landed on the ground and hid behind a large oak tree….Making sure Shadowrine didn’t see us.

“So, That’s him?” I said, using my longer tail to keep Sonichu from touching himself.

“Yeah…It looks like he’s trying to get that machine to work…But what’s it supposed to do?”

“I don’t know…But will this woman let my hands go?! I want to get rid of this boner!” Sonichu said, flailing a bit.

“Shhh! You idiot! We’re supposed to be quiet! Now, Let’s see what we can do…” I said, until I felt a strange chill…Turning around…Shadowrine was right behind us.

“Uh…Destiny?” Knuckles said.


“Look Behind you….”

“What is it, Knuckles?”

Then…I heard his voice.

“Well, Well…Look what we have here…DomiNeko and two of her pathetic looking friends….Did you come to see me destroy all of the Bisexuals here in the city?…and maybe even kill some Gay and lesbian people in the process?” Shadowrine said, watching me turn around with a freaked out look on my face.

“Eek!!! How did you find us?!” I said, panicking as I turned around, raising my head up to the 6‘9“ man with the demonic looking Samurai Armor…..

“Easy…Your Yellow friend wouldn’t stop flailing around like a chicken with it‘s head cut off...and I saw his spiky yellow head just thrash around like a bull rider on a bucking bronco….He won’t stay still for anything, doesn’t he?”

“No… But what the fuck is with that tower?! It looks like a freakin‘ Radio Tower! What, Are you gonna take over the Radio Waves or some sheisse? ”

“Impressive, isn’t it? It isn’t a Radio Tower, you idiot…. That tower, when activated…will release a Digital shockwave strong enough to kill anyone in a Same-Sex relationship…by causing their hearts to literally explode into a Gel-Like form and completely cause total Cardiac Meltdown…But not for hours, that is. It will mainly cause heavy discomfort in their heads and chests….I call it…The Heart-Breaker.”

“What?! That’s not impressive at all! That’s stupid!” Knuckles said, clenching his fists…”Killing innocents because of their sexual preference…You‘re one sick bastard…You shouldn‘t be messing with the love of another person….Ever!!”

“You don’t understand…This world is full of impure people…People that are full of Greed, Full of Pain, Full of Dark Desires …And Bisexual people…Gays…Lesbians…Transsexuals…They are the most impure…They are the insects that we shall squash once our dream has been realized….When we finally get rid of all of these impure souls…We will create a new world…A World of only Straight Lovers….A world of only Pure Souls, A World of No Greed, Poverty or Pain…A world of--” He was cut off while he heard soft and loud moans….”What the hell is going on?”

He turned around and saw Sonichu Masturbating….His cock was already fully erect…leaking Pre-cum from the tip as he moaned hard…

“You had better be masturbating to the female that I‘m talking to…”

“I’m not…Ooh!! God! I’m Cumming!!!!!” Sonichu said, jacking off hard onto Shadowrine’s armor and face. Long splashes of cum came out of his large cock and just covered the Wolverine-dude….Which made him gag once it landed on his armor with an audible “Splat“. .

“Oh god! Ohh! Yuck! Ew! Nasty! Get it off me!!! That’s just wrong!!! Ew!!! Ugh!!! That‘s just so…Ew! Disgusting!!”

“Phew…That felt better….Now my boner is gone and we can work!”

“That was just wrong.” I said.

“You’re an idiot.” Knuckles Said.

“What?! I had to get it down!”

“You…You die first….” Shadow growled as the white cum dripped off of his armor…He put his left leg up upon the tree that was next to him, the bone from his knee instantly sticking out from the skin….

Just looking at this made me want to vomit….He pulled the bone out from his leg…Yet, it wasn’t a full bone…It was a long 12 Foot long Steel sword with a bone on the end that was used as a handle…. Blood dripped from the blade when he removed it completely…. When he put his leg down, it still looked whole…I didn’t understand how that happened…It was Sick, Gross, and just down right weird.

“Impressed? My special Golden gloves transform my right leg into a Deadly Bone Sword…Strong enough to kill….Just like the Chaos Emerald I used to power my tower and my Armor…” He said, until Knuckles looked over at the rectangular glass containment chamber. Inside was a Purple Chaos Emerald, radiating it’s energy within the unit, powering the whole tower with it’s glow…

“The Chaos Emerald! How did you get this?!”

“My Boss, Dr. Nightmare gave it to me…He said he found it at a place called PassionRose Island…Near a strange lab…After testing it extensively…It had shown us that inside is an infinite power that we can use to power anything we use for our dream to come into view…A World of no Same-Sex Love…He gave it to me to use for my plan that will work …But you three will not defeat me…None of you will! NOW,IT IS TIME TO DIE!!! ” Shadowrine said, running towards us… All three of us jumped out of his way as he swung his sword to try and slash us into bits…

Knuckles rebound himself off of a tree, jabbing his spiked fists right at Shadow, hoping to deliver some damage to his armor, but the armor was too strong…It only left a itty-bitty dent in his chest….Shadow swung his sword at Knuckles, leaving only small cuts from the tip of the blade…his chest, arms, and stomach were cut from the attacks…Yet, he still stood strong. He jumped up and used the blade as a springboard, launching himself up into the sky to deliver a strong Aerial assault upon our enemy’s head while Sonichu and I ran behind Shadowrine…

“Sonichu! Now!” I said, giving him a nod.

“It’s time to Cock, Lock…and Drop it!!!!” He jumped up and started to Spin-Dash toward our enemy‘s invention, generating pure electricity through his body as the spinning Electric Hedgehog sped right at Shadowrine’s machine….the energy was surging thought his form as he launched himself a large boulder, using it like a Ramp as he went towards the containment Unit that held the Chaos Emerald.

I watched him launch off as I opened my bag up, reaching in to pull out my Spiked Whip…It was one long Black leather Whip with bright gold spikes all down the long strap….Performing a Rapid Ballet-Like spin, My whip struck Shadowrine’s Armor, leaving small dents in his arms and torso…As me and Knuckles attacked him at the same time…His fists smashed his helmet hard, only leaving a small dent…My Whip only left marks in his Legs and back…But then, It came to me. None of our attacks were damaging him at all…just leaving dents…I didn’t understand… The damage from our attacks were supposed to shatter his armor completely…But all we could do was leave dents.

“Why aren’t we damaging him?!” Knuckles said, continuing his assault on Shadowrine’s armor with his strong fists.

“I Don’t know! My whip isn’t doing any damage!”

“Neither are my punches!”

“Incoming!!!!” We both heard Sonichu yell as he finally came down from his launch-off…Still in a Spin-Dash like position. From where he was, he was at a 90 Degree Angle…But it looked like less. Then again, my math sucked.

“Whoa! Incoming Sonichu!!!!” I yelled, continuing to strike Shadowrine with my whip…Until I decided to pull out one of my Bondage Bombs. This one was a different color than my Lotus Tie…It was Black in Color with a Red stripe. My Lotus Tie Trap was in a Purple-Pink Bomb. “What the hell is this one? Oh well…I’ll try it out…”

Knuckles was actually making a huge dent in the armor this time…More and more he punched, his attacks were getting through.

“You…Little…Pests….You will…Not…Defeat me…” Shadowrine said, still slashing the Echidna with his sword…Until he turned around and aimed his sword at me this time…Trying to slash my body up…My speed wasn’t that great when it came to dodging…His blade nicked my arms and chest a bit, actually tearing into my outfit…leaving deep wounds on my body every time he hit….

“What the fuck?! Ow! That hurt, you asshole!” I said, Bondage bomb still in hand.

“It was supposed to hurt, you bitch….Why don’t you bend over so I can shove this sword up your cunt so I can finally kill you!?” Shadow said, his eyes narrowing as he slashed at my body, leaving a long cut down my right arm as I struck him with my whip, his blade breaking the skin as one long bloody trail was appearing down from where he struck me….

“I’ll never die by the hand of one so heartless….You deserve to be locked away….For good…Like how me and my friend locked away that bitch of a woman, Lady-Killer…But Shadow! Heads up!” I said, clutching my arm, Bondage bomb in hand….as Sonichu’s Spin-Dash Homing Attack finally landing on the containment unit that held the Chaos Emerald inside. The glass shattered from the impact of the attack…The Purple gemstone falling out of the remains. When the stone fell down and out of the machine, the Tower powered down and returned to it’s Silver and Red coloring. It also powered down Shadowrine’s Armor.

“Hey! Destiny! Catch!” Sonichu Said, tossing the Chaos Emerald to me, knocking my Bondage bomb out of my hand…But it started glowing from my touch…My collar’s Heart-shaped stone started to glow from the energy….

“What the hell….” I said…Until a Purple Glow came over me. It felt so warm…it was like it was Healing my wounds and caressing me in a warm light….Until I felt a sharp blast of energy through my body…The warm feeling left me…But it was replaced with the force of something new emerging from the stone around my neck.

“What is this?! My Machine!! It’s ruined! And where is the Emerald?!” Shadowrine said, confused and angry.

“Look in her hands, you idiot!” Sonichu told him while delivering a strong kick to Shadow’s head, knocking the helmet off and only left the full Ninja-Hood…causing him to fall down, clutching his head.

“Impossible!!!! How did she get it?!”

“Easy. I Cocked, Locked, Dropped your bitch ass!” Sonichu said while holding onto his head, delivering a powerful shock through Shadow’s body….the armor burning from the electric attack…causing it to crack and become brittle from the power behind the full blast of the electricity.

The outfit I wore disappeared in a very bright light as Sonichu and Knuckles fought Shadow….and was replaced by a new one…It felt lighter and more…sexy. The mask on my face changed from Black to a Metallic Black…There was a strange feeling coming from my head…My long black hair was being pulled up into a ponytail as Liquid Latex came out of my collar, moving upwards and around my hair area….keeping my face zone open and my ears which were now decorated with Blue Crystal Moon and Star Earring in both holes outside the latex that was merging with my head …It transformed itself into a Ponytail Hood while a Beautiful, Black Full-Bodied See-through Lace body-suit with a Spiral-Diamond pattern appeared on my skinny form, while underneath it, my cute black undies still stayed on, Both my tails were swishing as the only other thing that changed on my form was my cloak…It was no longer Spiked…But instead, it was Black and created from a lovely Velvet and Gold Fabric…My boots, Belt and gloves stayed the same….

“She…Changed…” Sonichu said, tilting his head with wide eyes. “OH yeah! Now we’re rockin’! Bitch be looking good!”

I opened my eyes….observing my new form…It was different…It was Sexy…It was…Wow. The whip in my hand was replaced by a longer version of my Cat-o-Nine Tails Flogger…My Hair was in a Ponytail Hood….and my outfit was See-through…even though my breasts were covered with a lovely Spiral Diamond pattern….I looked good. But I also noticed my cuts were gone….I never understood how that happened.

“Whoa….What form is this?” I said, confused.

Venus appeared in the tree above me, sending me a telepathic message.“Destiny….This is Serena’s Ero-Spirit form. She used this when she needed to fight someone that was stronger than her….It would always fill her with a strong energy that would overpower her opponent. Try it out….”

“Okay.” I said, clearing my throat. “Shadowrine…Your machine has been Destroyed…Your Armor deactivated…Your plans foiled…and your attempt at killing every Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual by causing their hearts to explode….Has been crushed. The Emerald belongs to Knuckles….And you belong behind bars, you sick jerk….Catch this!” And with that, I tossed my Bondage Bomb at Shadow, the small black and crimson ball opening to tie him up in a Pretzel-tie Trap. It was unlike my Lotus-Tie, but it looked pretty cool. He struggled with trying to break free…But I decided to keep him there.

I stood there in front of Shadowrine, Nine tailed Whip in hand….

“Sonichu…Hold his head up…”


He lifted Shadow’s head up…and I struck his face with the spiked whip…Blood running down the black Ninja Mask…It looked like he was crying crimson tears….I heard him scream in pain from the strike…But I didn’t show him any mercy. I whipped his back, shattering his armor completely…I struck his arms, Legs, neck, feet….and head….all of him was just bleeding like crazy…..the gold gloves were stained with crimson blood….I tossed the emerald to Knuckles as we left the park. Reaching into my bag, I pulled out a small pink Marble like ball. It said “Toss me”. I tossed it up in curiosity as it sent a Signal Flare into the sky, and into the line of sight of a wandering policeman. He got to our location as fast as he could….But I went behind a tree once he got there and said….”Venus…Release me.” Transforming me back into my true form.

The Policeman got there as soon as I transformed back and stepped out from behind the tree I had used.

“What happened here, Ma’am?” He asked me, looking at Shadowrine and back at me.

“This man here is working with that criminal you locked up the other day…He’s another one that’s trying to kill Same-Sex People….I overheard him while I was walking through the park…I saw DomiNeko here fighting him with two other people…I didn’t see who they were….But they left with DomiNeko just a few minutes ago.” I told him, hiding my collar from the policeman.

“So…He’s one of them, huh? I wonder how many are left?” He told me, tilting his head.

“From what I hear…Three….And I overheard them say their boss is a man named “Dr.Nightmare”….”

“Ah…Well, Thanks for letting me know….I’ll take this man into custody and get his invention out of here. Where is it, anyway?”

I pointed to the large tower behind us, as he observed the large structure….

“It looks like we’re gonna need a construction crew here to disassemble this sonbitch.” I can’t believe he had a country accent. He was trying to say “Son of a Bitch”, but it came out like that.

“Ok…Well, I’ll be heading home.”

“Take care. Be safe.”

I walked away, Sonichu and Knuckles followed me…

“What a day….” Sonichu said.

“Totally…..So, Wanna go to the Cherry Bomb for a drink?” Knuckles said.

“Why not…I could use a drink or two to calm down…I hear Avenged Sevenfold is supposed to be playing at the club tonight…”

“WHAT?!” Knuckles said, his eyes sparkling with surprise.

“Yeah…Singa got them to play for one night only…So Come on. Let’s go.”

“Think we can find some cuties at the bar?” Sonichu said.

“You can. I’m not.” I said, rolling my eyes. Knux climbed one of the very tall trees as soon as I was done talking and decided not to wait for us. He jumped off from the top and started to glide straight to the bar. “Impatient….”

Singa’s bar was only 2 blocks away from where we were, so Me and Sonichu walked there. It didn’t take Knuckles long to get settled in his seat up front at the foot of the stage where the band was just setting up. We walked in and sat down at the bar, Singa poured us a couple of Blazing Stars (Tequila, Lemon Juice, and Pineapple Soda.)…But Sonichu didn’t stay there for long….Two Feminine Asian-looking Hedgehogs, One Pink, one Blue appeared with big bulges in their pants. They weren’t full female…They were Herm-Hogs. But not just any Herm-Hogs. They were Rosechus.

“Who are they?” I asked Singa.

“They’re Tila and Yumi. Twin Rosechus. They’re Hermaphroditic Hedgehogs. And they’re my best customers. Come in more than Four times a week to order a Cherry Popper each and a Dungeon room for Three. They always bring in a guy or girl they like…and just fuck them senseless.”

“Wow…Looks like he’ll be having one hell of a day….”

“I’ll be back!!! I hope!!!” Sonichu said, drooling over the two Rosechus…following them into a luxury dungeon that had a large blue velvet bed, expensive looking Dildos and vibrators, and decorated with Golden torches….

They picked Sonichu up by his arms and tossed him on the bed….when his body hit the blue velvet cover, Gold shackles came out and locked his arms and legs into place…both sisters smirking at their prey.

“H…Hey! What’s going on?!”

“This is the Luxury Bondage Dungeon. These chains will keep you in place while we take care of you….” Tila said, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder.

“And by the way your sheath is….You’ve got a very large cock in there…” Yumi giggled, moving a strand of pink hair out of her face.

“Oh yeah…I’ve got a huge one in there. Wanna see?”

They nodded, taking their shirts off at the same time…Revealing both sisters had 48DD Breasts that weren’t covered by a bra at all…they were just bare of any fabric…They bounced out their shirts, and when Sonichu looked at the two…His dick started growing. Then they took their jeans down…Revealing lace panties that covered up large bulges…

“You wanna see what we have in there?” Both sisters said at the same time.

“Fuck yeah!”

Both of them took their panties off at the same time, revealing large 15 foot dicks…Both of them partially erect from the sight of their victim on the bed with his exposed cock sliding out of it‘s sheath….But when the Yellow Hedgehog saw the two women with large cocks, His own dick grew to twice it‘s size. It grew from a normal 14 Inches to a fully erect, large and throbbing 32 Inch cock!

“Holy hell!!!!!! You two women are fuckin’ hot! But my dick is larger than yours….”

“We know…And we love it.” Tila said, smirking. Both sisters got on the bed, their pussies dripping wet from the sight of the very large manhood they saw…Their dicks grew a bit more…Until they bent down and started licking Sonichu’s very large cock….releasing a pleased moan from the yellow hedgehog…Their long tongues traced up and down the throbbing shaft….their mouths wrapped around the muscle as they sucked the sides slowly, tracing their tongues around the silky smoothness of his manhood…They moaned from his amazing taste…but Sonichu was moaning louder. The feel of their mouths on his shaft felt so good…Until Tila and Yumi wrapped one of their hands around….and started stroking him up and down as they sucked….their tits rubbing up against each other while they worked him slowly….

“Oh fuck yes….That’s just…Ohh yeah…Suck it, bitches….”

Tila gave Yumi a smirk as she got on her knees, slipping her mouth over the engorged tip…taking all of it in…Releasing a even louder moan from Sonichu….their free hands stroking their own cocks…Yumi still licked up and down his large manhood….until she got an idea.

“Tila…Give me some Lube, will ya?”

“Sure thing, sis.” Tila said, lifting her head up.

“What are you two gonna do now?”

“You’ll see.”

She handed Yumi a bottle of cooling lubricant and applied it to her fingertip. She then slipped her finger down below his balls and down to his tail hole. Teasing the small pink hole with the lube, her finger prodded his entrance slowly…her lubed up finger slipped inside after a few pokes, releasing a sharp gasp from Sonichu’s lips.

“Whoa!! What the---?!”

“Just relax…We’re gonna make you very happy…”

“Yeah…Very Happy…..” Tila said, slipping her mouth back over the large cock….sucking it down hard with a deep moan as Yumi pressed her finger in more, lubing the tiny hole up with the cooling lubricant….until she found a spot inside of his butt that even they loved. She curled her finger upward, rubbing his sensitive prostate gently with a smile. Sonichu moaned harder, feeling his special zone being rubbed…his cock started to knot up a bit…but not completely.

“Now…Tila…Ready for our special trick?”

“Mmhmm! Let’s get it started…”

“W…Wha…What is it?” Sonichu said, panting from the pleasure he was receiving.

“Watch this.”

Tila got up, positioning her wet pussy over the large cock….as Yumi opened Sonichu’s legs up wider….pressing her cock head up to the tight hole…They both heard him gasp in pleasure/Pain as Yumi pressed her cock head inside of his tail hole, stretching the tiny hole even wider with her large dick….And when she pressed in deeper, Tila sat upon Sonichu’s large cock…taking almost all of it in her large pussy…and when they got situated, they both took Egg-Vibes and smirked at each other. Tila turned hers on…slipping it inside her tight ass, but Yumi took Two of them…slipping one inside her wet cunt, and the other one was inserted into her ass as well…both on low vibration…their cocks becoming more erect from the vibration against their prostates ….

Yumi started thrusting in slowly while Tila started riding him at the same time…Sonichu was overcome with pleasure….He had two Rosechus banging him at the same time…One was sitting on his large dick…another was fucking him up his ass….He enjoyed it so much…the vibration from both sisters’ toys that were inside their pussies and assholes….the feel of Tila’s wet cunt on his large cock….The feel of Yumi’s large dick inside of his ass, stretching the hole even more as she thrust inside of him even deeper….

“Oh god…Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!!!!!!! Fuck my ass harder, you slut!!! Harder, I say!!!! And you! Ride me faster and harder, Bitch!!!! I mean it!!! Ride me harder!!!!!” Sonichu said, actually breaking free from his arm restraints, holding onto Tila’s ass as she started riding him harder…his large dick going in even deeper inside her….finally locking her in with his large knot…It stretched her pussy even more when his knot swelled up…Tila cried out in pleasure when he locked her in, feeling her cunt stretch out….her cock swelling up even more…While Yumi cried out more…Sonichu’s tight ass clenched around her….Her own knot swelling up, locking her inside his tail hole…all

“Oh yes…Your cock is so huge….Oh god…It feels like it’s splitting me open….It’s too big…” Tila said, her own cock leaking Pre from the tip…The yellow hedgehog licking the creamy white fluid…

“I’m not taking my cock out until I cum, you whore!”

“Please…Then….Cum inside me…Your cock is too huge….I want to feel it flood my wet cunt….Please! I can’t hold it much longer!!”

“Tila…I want you to cum deep inside my ass! I mean it! Cum for me!! Cum for me, you bitch!!!!!” Sonichu said, turning the vibration up on all three egg-vibes…to maximum.

The pleasure was too strong for either sister to bear…The vibration was extremely powerful….The vibration was shaking their mere cores….Both sisters prostate areas were shaking with pleasure…their G-spots were completely swollen….That after a few more minutes…Their climaxes were getting stronger.

“S…Sonichu…W…We’re gonna…We’re gonna….” Both sisters said at the same time….

“YES!!!! CUM INSIDE ME NOW!!! BECAUSE I‘M GONNA CUM INSIDE YOUR SISTER,YUMI!!!!” Sonichu yelled in pleasure, releasing his own hot cum inside Tila’s dripping cunt….screaming in passion as Yumi spilled her own seed inside Sonichu’s tight ass, filling him up hard….”YESSS!!!! OH YESS!!! FLOOD MY ASS,YOU BITCH!!!!” and she did. Because when she pulled her own cock out after the knot’s swelling went down….a large flood of hot cum spilled out of his tail hole…covering the whole bottom of the bed….Tila jerked herself off onto Sonichu’s face, her own hot streams of cum splashed all over the yellow hedgehog’s face and body, as well as her own Fem-juices spilled onto his legs and balls…the egg-vibe slipped out of Tila’s ass….as well as Yumi’s pussy and ass….her own fem-juices spilling onto her legs….

All three panted with pleasure and passion as they got off and got out….their fur was coated in sweat….

While back at the stage, The band had already started their final song. They were gonna play “Bat Country”. I could tell Knuckles was having a good time because during “This Fire Burns”, he was jamming out to it…While getting his dick sucked off by a Golden furred Echidna girl. He loved the WWE Wrestler C.M. Punk. I didn’t. I still sat there and listened to the band play while Knuckles was getting a Blowjob under the table from the Echidna girl..

“Can you help me as I’m starting to burn? (Whoa- oh-Oh…)

Too many doses and I’m starting to get an attraction…

My confidence is leaving me on my own…(Whoa-oh-oh…)

No one can save me, and I don‘t want the attention….”Me and Singa sat there at the bar while her assistant took over her position.

“Nice concert, huh? Do I know how to book a band or what?” Singa said, smirking.

“Totally. Hey…Why don’t you let your friend take over the rest of the night and you come over to my place? I’ve already got the movie set up.” I said, smiling.

“Sure! Hey, Danni?”

“Yeah, What’s up?” Danni said in a tropical accent.

“Can you finish up the night? I’m gonna head over to Destiny’s house for a movie, ok?”

“Sure! Just hand me the keys and I’ll lock up when it’s time to go, ok?”

“Ok. Here you go…Don’t lose it. Just drop it off in my mailbox when you get ready to go home.”

She handed Danni the key and walked out with me. We both got in the car and zoomed on up to Cherrytree Lane and over to my pink colored house. (Seriously. My house is Cherry blossom pink with a white roof.) We pulled up to the driveway and got out…But I didn’t see my shoes were untied…and I tripped over my shoelaces. Singa caught me halfway as I fell down….


“You’re welcome….Come on. Let’s get inside.” Singa said, giving me a small smile.

I gave her a small smile and got up. After unlocking the door…I heard the familiar “Beep…Beep….” Of my answering machine.

“Who called?”

“Don’t know.” I said, walking over and pressed the button.“You have one new message.”

“Hey, honey…Me and John are gonna be flown out to EA Sports to discuss the new game…Hopefully we’ll be able to make it. I won’t be in for a few days, and I’ll miss you so much….Just remember…I’ll be back in Three days and we’ll go out on a day to ourselves, ok? I’ll see you! Bye! Love you!”When the message ended, Venus appeared outside my window, sending me a telepathic message.
“Destiny…You and your friends fought hard….and you finally unlocked your new form…There are others…But this is just one of them.”

“One of them? How many are there?”

“A few more…Each one is stronger than the next. You’ll find out more soon…But I’ve got to rest. I’ll see you soon..” Venus said to me, flying off with a loud hoot.

“Destiny! Come on! I’ve got the movie paused! Grab me a soda, please!”

I reached into the fridge and pulled out two bottles of Cherry soda and two wine glasses….The bottle of Vodka was chilling in a bucket of ice for later on. Singa grabbed the bag of Sun Chips off the top of the fridge and sat back down on the couch. We both kicked our shoes off and laid back. I grabbed the DVD Remote and pressed the “Play” Button, the movie starting up. I had rented Avatar, a very good movie from what I heard. Throughout the night, we ate Garden Salsa Sunchips, drank Cherry Soda, and when our bottles were empty…We started on the Pomegranate Vodka…each of us drank one glass while we watched Jake and Na’Tiri kiss while they were in that special forest. It was just too sweet….

“Do you think my date with Scotty will be as good as this movie?”

“Girl…Don’t worry! It will!” I said, smiling. She laid her head on my shoulder like a friend would as we watched the movie….Drinking one more glass of Vodka as the night went on. Someone was outside my window, speaking into his earring.“Nightmare…Shadowrine was captured and taken away…He has failed….”

“I know of this, Firepaw. I believe it is your turn to prove your power….by tomorrow…She will be powerless and weak…Because my monster Is complete.”

“That is great news. We’ll unleash it tomorrow.”

“Yes. We will. She will be here no longer after this.”

----------------------------------------------------------------------Who was that outside her window? What monster are they talking about?

Find out in Chapter 4: Melody and Harmony.

Chapter 2: The Nightmare Begins

Chapter 2: The Nightmare Begins


The next morning, I woke up to the sound of “Humanoid” by Tokio Hotel blasting through my phone’s speakers around 9:00 in the morning. I had set that song as my ring-tone. As I reached out for the phone, I fell out of bed onto the black carpeted floor. My chest and legs hit first, then my head hit the side-table…and I was naked. All that was covering me was my blanket. The reason why was because today…The spa was closed and I had a day off because Buck‘s new daughter was being born and he couldn‘t make it in to open the place. So the previous night, I decided to sleep with no clothes on. Hey, It feels good to sleep naked.

“Ouch! Damn! Fuck! That hurt!” I said, grabbing my phone, and my sore head. My phone was a Samsung High-Note from Sprint. (Yeah. In SexuaCity, we have Sprint.) The call was from Singa…I could tell because I put a picture of Tom Kaulitz as her Caller-ID picture. She adored Tom. And I meant…She loved him. She even got Stretcher-Gauges in her Cat-ears as well! They looked painful every time I saw them.

“Hello?” I said.

Yo! Destiny! Last night was killer, huh? Howd’ja sleep?” Singa said with a happy giggle.

I was doing good until you called….I was dreaming of Jacob and me…Today is my 25th Birthday, ya know…”

“Oh yeah! Happy birthday, girl! You know…I had an idea after you said that. How about tonight, you and Jacob come by the Cherry bomb and I’ll throw you a wicked party! Lady Gaga is performing tonight…And she’s gonna play a special version of “Love Game” for you!”

“Sheeeoot…That’s sweet of you…I’m gonna have to repay you somehow…”

“You don’t have to! You’re my best friend! I just want you to have a good time! Hell, you only turn 25 once! Come on down here about….6:00, ok?”

“Alright. I’ll be there. But I’m gonna come over there in a little bit to hang out…About 11:00 after the Solitary 3.0 Marathon. See ya.”

“Ok! We’re already open right now! See you there! Bye!”

She hung up, And then I did. Standing up, the blanket fell off my slender body. My naked Pink and Black furred body was shining in the sunlight that came in through my bedroom window…It was so peaceful….Until I saw Venus in her Snow owl form in my Cherry Blossom tree. It felt kind of embarrassing ,yet flattering that a goddess would want to peek in on me while I was picking out my outfit. I swear, I’ve got too many outfits.

Something pink? Nah….Something in Black? Did that the other day. But when I saw my Red Strapless Halter with the Angel wings on the breasts along with a cute pair of Blue jean Capri pants…I knew that was the outfit I was gonna wear today. Red is one of my favorite colors. Then again, so are Pink, Green, Purple, blue, Orange, Gold, Silver, Black and White….Even though the last two are barely considered colors. Oh well. When I slipped my outfit on, and put on my jewelry, I noticed Venus wasn’t there anymore. She had flown off somewhere. Ah well, I didn’t care. After I stepped out, went to the bathroom and got dressed….I called up Jacob.

Jacob Keith Fox is my boyfriend…A Very amazing one. Silver Fur, Blue eyes, Brown hair…Muscular…And very smart too! He was a Video Game creator. He invented some of the coolest games like “Passion Resort”, “House of Eternal Death” and “Inferno Tempest”. I love him, He loves me. It’s like we were meant for each other. Sliding the phone open when I was in the kitchen, I dialed him up while I was pulling out a cup of Dulce de Leche Yogurt, a small bowl of green seedless grapes, a cup of coffee and a Peach that was already cut up into slices and de-pitted. When I sat down in the living room to enjoy my breakfast, the first thing I heard was…

Hey. It’s Jacob Fox. Sorry, I can’t get to the phone right now…I’m probably busy or something, I don’t know. Leave me a message.”

With a sigh, I said into the phone…”Hey, honey…You do know it’s my birthday, don’t’cha? Anyway, Singa invited us down to the Cherry Bomb later tonight for a party! Lady Gaga is performing! Maybe you and I can get dinner first? I’ll treat you to some pizza before we go. I’ll see you at 4:00. Love you!”

I hung the phone up and put it in my purse. I was gonna head down to the Cherry Bomb to hang out with my best friend before I had to go to the store and pick up some snacks up and maybe some more ramen. I turned the TV on and the first thing I saw was an ad for a new Perfume called “Desire”. Featuring some pretty-looking famous actress, but still…Sometimes I thought that models had no brains just beauty. That was ….Until I saw Bill Kaulitz on the Runway in Milan. That was hot. Beauty and Brains. What a combo. I flipped over to the Fox Reality Channel to watch the Solitary 4.0 and 3.0 Marathons. Thank god for Dish Network. It sucked during storms, but it rocked when it was clear.


“Sweet! I haven’t missed it yet!” I said to myself while watching Solitary 3.0, giggling as I saw #2, #3 and #5 all eating Marshmallows, Gummy Worms, and Malted Milk balls. I loved watching Solitary 1.0-4.0.… Even though 1.0 creeped me out and there was an episode of 3.0 that almost made me wet myself. Val had a weird voice in 1.0...and in 3.0...She had a voice in “Rest In Pieces” that scared the hell out of me…It was like Jigsaw from Saw had possessed her! Taking a bite of my yogurt with a slice of the peach acting like a spoon…I noticed something was off. I had a weird feeling taking over me….It felt like a strange pulse of energy…

“Something’s not right. Got my food…Solitary is on…I’m wearing my collar…But something…Just doesn’t feel right. I just can’t place my tails on it….And I know Jacob’s ok…Weird. I’ll worry about it later. “ I said, scooping up the yogurt onto my peach slice again. I just had that weird feeling…for a while. It went away after I finished my breakfast. It was like someone was trying to contact me…through Telepathy. I don’t know who it was…Or where it came from. With a shrug, I sat there and watched my show.

I watched Val deliver Treatment after Treatment, Torture after Torture, Reward after Reward. I was pretty impressed by #9 in 3.0. He was the only one not affected by the painful-looking “Flesh Clips” Treatment…Even though I could take 15 at once. I watched them wear Flesh Clips, Sit on painful stools…Eat yummy treats until one of them puked…rip Goats meat off…Yuck. Then when 4.0 came on, I noticed that I told Singa I’d be there at 11:00...It was 10:42 right now! I pressed “Record” On my DVR and just let the whole marathon record. Grabbing my purse, I ran to my car…a Black Audi R8...(Hey, You make a lot of money with this job.) and got in.

“Oh Sheisse…I’m gonna be late…” I mumbled, putting the keys in and starting the car up. I had my 3CD Changer on CD2: Lady Gaga’s “The Fame”. “Love Game” started up through my speakers.

“Let’s have some fun,

This Beat is Sick,

I wanna take a ride on your Disco Stick,

Let’s Have some fun,

This Beat is Sick,

I wanna take a ride on your disco stick, Hey!”

I pulled out of the driveway, Unaware that…That bitch that lived 4 houses down from me…You know her. Bertha. She lived 4 houses down from me in a nice little cul-de-sac of only 8 Houses. Mine was a 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom…Hers was a 3 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom. And way too noisy at night. Every night, she would be either blasting out some loud music like Pussycat Dolls or some old school Genesis. Drove me up the fucking wall. Thank god I had soundproof windows. She was pulling out of the driveway as well in her Firebird…and drove like a madwoman out of the cul-de-sac. Her driving was atrocious. Just plain awful. Often I wondered…”Did she sleep with the person who tested her driving?” I mean, Who in their right fucking mind would give this bitch a license?! Come on! I have better driving skills than her…even though it took me many tries to get my license. Oh well.

When I finally got out of the driveway, I drove down Cherrytree Lane and into the city. From where I’m at, you can see the whole city from up there. And from an aerial view…you could see The Cherry Bomb looks like a giant Penis. Not kidding. Driving down the street, I noticed one of my greatest friends, Scotty Valaschon was walking down the sidewalk wearing nothing but a Black Tank-top that shown off his muscular Cheetah body…Black pants, Black and white Nike Sneakers and no jacket. His Dog-tags shown in the bright sunlight while his hair was in a tiny ponytail. He waved me down and got in the car. Me and Scotty knew each other from Middle School…He was a bit of a nerd, yet he was one of the strongest people I knew…He worked out every day after school…and after work. He owned the coolest music store here…”Fighter Beats”. That’s where I got my Humanoid CD. He was too cool for words…Yet he was single.

“Hey, Destiny! Think you can give me a ride to the Cherry Bomb? There’s a girl there I wanna meet.” He said to me, clutching a Red rose and a White Rose in his hand.

“Sure. I’m heading there anyway.”

I drove down the hilled street again as he put the White rose in my purse, wishing me a Happy Birthday. On the way there, he was humming a familiar tune…It was Singa’s favorite song…”Toyz” By Cinema Bizarre. And he knew that Singa loved Red Roses.

“So.. Who’s the lucky girl? Is it that cute Swan girl that comes in with the carnation in her hair? Or Is it that Polar Bear chick with the big boobs?”


“What?! You’ve got a crush on Singa?!” I said, kinda surprised. “Normally people that ask her out always get turned out because they’re not her type! She likes guys with strong bodies and a great personality….but, I think you have a chance. You’ve got a good body and a wonderful personality…We’ll see what happens…Ok?”

“Ok. I’m kinda nervous…Got any tips on how to get her?”

“Yeah. Make eye contact first thing, Give her the rose…and just strike up a nice conversation with her. Ask her out when the time is right. She doesn’t like people who just go up and ask her to have a date. If you do that…Instant Turndown.” I explained, keeping my eyes on the road. Out the corner of my rear-view mirror, I saw Bertha speed down the road next to me. With a groan, I kept going down the hill to the stoplight. “Just calm down and just be yourself. Ok?”

“I gotcha. Calm down and be myself.” he said to himself, shaking like a newborn kitten.

After a while of talking about whatever we thought like talking about (mainly about Singa), we got there about a few minutes late. I parked the car next to the club and when we got out…Scotty had to re-tie his shoes. They had become untied when he was fidgeting in his seat while we were heading here. His feet had overlapped each other and the friction from the soles of his shoes untied them. Whoops.

We stepped inside after the bouncer checked our IDs. Scotty was 24, I was now 25. But since Singa knew us both, The bouncer didn’t charge us. The normal cover charge was Three bucks if you were a girl, but Four if you were a guy. I never understood why she charged so much. Oh well. “Juicy” by Koda Kumi was blasting through the speakers up on the stage while a sexy tandem team of a Busty female Wolf with long blonde hair and a Sexy looking Komodo Dragon with a shaved head danced to the music, Showing off their Freestyle skills. Me and Scotty sat at the bar in between a Black and Crimson-colored Hedgehog guy (No. It’s not Shadow the Hedgehog.) and a slutty-looking blue Mouse Girl with boobs that didn’t fit her top at all. (they were spilling out like crazy.)

Singa was at the other end, Mixing one of her best drinks…a Cherry Popper for a Lesbian couple at that end of the bar. A Sexy Combination of Pomegranate Vodka, Cherry Syrup, Coconut Rum and served with a fresh Black Cherry at the bottom of the glass was known as the Cherry Popper. This was the perfect drink if you were gonna get laid tonight.

Now, The Cherry Bomb was the best place to go if you were like me…Bisexual and hoping to party. The place was about as long as a High School, decorated with Erotic Artwork and Sexuality Flags on the wall…The Crimson paint accentuated everything that was put on it…A large stage was set up for music or anything they needed…But the mysterious barred rooms that were in the back…Were Fetish Dungeons. Fully-stocked and ready for any fetish you had. Vore, Bondage, You name it…She was ready. Even though she was only into Threesomes, BDSM and Bondage. Strange thing is, as I said earlier…The whole place looked like a giant penis from an aerial view.

She came up to us, wearing a black V-Necked T-shirt that had the words “Porn Star” in bright silver Rhinestones, Blue Jean Mini skirt and Sandal-Heels…Her Hair was up in a ponytail as she leaned up against the bar, her 36D breasts were showing though the V-Neck in her shirt as she looked at us both with a giggle.

“Destiny! What’s up? Happy Birthday, girl!” She said, eyeing Scotty…whom was sitting next to me, fidgeting with the red rose he held ever since we came in. “Who’s the cutie next to you?”

“Oh…This is Scotty Valaschon….He’s one of my good friends. He was hoping he could get to know you better.” I said, tapping him on the shoulder. “Yo! Scotty! Wake up!”

“W...What?! Oh…Hi…I’m Scotty…It’s nice to meet you, Singa…” Scotty said, nervously…He handed her the rose with a blushing smirk.

“Oh! Thank you…It’s Nice to meet you too.” Singa said, taking the rose from him gently as she set it in a vase that was above her register. “Can I get you two a drink?”

“Sure. You can get me a Shadow’s Kiss.” I said. What I had ordered was a combination of Strawberry Daiquiri, Red Wine, and Lemon Vodka.

“Umm…I’ll just take a Smirnoff.” Scotty said, as Singa gave him the green bottle with the lid off as she gave him a cute wink.

While she was mixing my drink, the two mingled with each other and decided to talk about anything they wanted. They talked about everything that came to mind. TV, Movies, Video Games, Music…Singa gave me my drink as I sat back and watched them both talk. They talked for hours while she worked…If she wasn’t mixing drinks, unlocking one of the 10 dungeons to be used, Re-stocking the beers or shaking up mixers, she was talking to Scotty about whatever they were talking about earlier. If it wasn’t about who was gonna win on Monday Night Raw, it was about what kind of Music should be played at the next Wrestlemania, or what kind of Pokemon game should be out first: Black or White? It’s like they clicked or something. They talked for hours…And It was about 2:00 before he had to get ready to leave for his shift at his music store. Even though he owned it. I tapped him on the shoulder again, my tails pointing at the clock.

“Oh! Yikes! I’m gonna be late for my shift! Hey, Singa…Before I forget….Would you like to go out with me in a couple of days?”

“Sure! Next week…Thursday at 8 sound good? My backup can cover for me.” Singa said, pointing her long tail over towards a sexy looking Chimpanzee-girl wearing a French maid like top and black jeans. Her name was Danni Tropicala. She was from Barbados, and she came here about 16 years ago with her family. She was in her early 30s, and cherished her long Amethyst-colored hair. Her regular color was Brown, but she dyed it…and even had her ears pierced 4 Times…4 holes in each ear. Ouch.

“Sure! I…I’ve gotta go. I’ll see you next week!” Scotty said, writing his number down on a napkin and handed it to Singa, who then put the napkin in her purse. He then ran out of the place, both of us giggling at each other while over at a far-away table…a mysterious woman was watching my every move.

She was about 6’1”, I’d estimate her weight about 210 (all muscle), With long red hair that went down to her back in a ponytail, 36 Triple D Breasts that were hanging from her Black Camisole Tank-top, Her legs were covered in a black skirt that when she crossed her legs, caused the light to shine on her leather boots. She was a Barn-owl woman with quite an attitude.

Singa told me her name was Samantha Michaels. Every time someone Bi, Gay, or Lesbian got near her…She gave them a death glare…and threatened to kill them if they talked to her again. She was only into straight men, so I hear. From what I’ve heard, She hates people who were Homosexual or Bisexual…Because she was going to be married to a very sexy looking Bisexual Gorilla guy…Until one day…He up and left her. Left her for an Orangutan-guy that proposed to take him to the Bahamas on a Gay Cruise. He fell head-over-paws for the guy and just left her at the altar. What a prick. But hey, I’d never do that to my man. Even if I am Bi. I’d never leave him for another.

I looked her way, and she just stared daggers into my eyes…not knowing who she really was. I’ll tell you that later. But she put her hand up to her left earring and pressed it up against her head, activating a tiny communicator. But the music was so loud, I couldn’t hear her. But I saw her beak move.

“Lady-Killer to Nightmare. Come in, Nightmare.”

A Dark, growling voice spoke into his side of the communicator.

“Dr. Nightmare here…Do you see the chosen one?”

“Yeah…She’s at the bar right now…Wearing the collar. Shall I make a move now, sir?”

“No. Strike when I say it’s time. We don’t want anyone knowing about us just yet. Keep an eye on her and report back when you get the chance.”

“Right. Lady-Killer Out.”

I made out the words “Dr. Nightmare”. Who was “Dr. Nightmare”? Confused, I told Singa I’d be back later tonight with Jacob in order to jam out to some Lady Gaga. I finished my drink and walked out to my car.

“Who in the fuck was that woman? It’s like she was staring daggers into me…What an antisocial bitch…I didn’t see her talk to anyone! And it’s like she gave the same look to everyone else…except the straight ones…Weird…I’ll never understand some people…” I mumbled to myself, opening the door and stepped inside. The beige colored interior calmed me a bit as I turned the key to start the car up to head down to the store.

I pulled out of the parking lot and started my way towards the local Wal-Mart here. I had to pick up some more yogurt and pay my layaway for Vince Rainfeather’s Wedding gift: a Swimming Pool with a heater attached. I thought it was a nice gift to give them…Hell, they both loved swimming a lot. I should know that because both Vince and his Fiancée “Derek Dinga” were both on the Swim Team back at SexuaCity High. They even made out in the pool after practice. I’m just lucky they didn’t fuck in the pool. That would’ve been an uhoh.

When I was halfway there, I saw the bitch yet again, playing her music way too loud. “Bulletproof” by La Roux was playing way beyond the normal level of legal noise levels. She motioned for me to roll my window down to say something.

“This time…I‘ll be…Bulletproof…” was blasting out of her speakers….making me unable to hear her! Thank god I can read lips….She was yelling out “Hey! Destiny! Happy Birthday! Wanna come over to my house for a good time?!” I just flipped her off. I wouldn’t lick that woman’s cunt no matter what you paid me. That coyote has had more people inside her than a public bathhouse. Plus, I heard that she has a few…Problems. I’m not gonna list those. I would puke while I explained them.

When the light turned green, I headed straight for the store. I didn’t want to be near that woman anymore…Because I can tell she was trying to get into my pants even though I was taken. That woman would even try to lure a married man away from his wife. Or Woman from her husband. What a viper. I hated her.

After I reached the store and got out, it turned out she was heading to the local Spencers here…And that was next door to where I was. Before she got out of her car, I ran away into the building…Hoping she wouldn’tve seen me. If she did…I was screwed. Because then, she would join me…and in the aisles I would be in, she‘d be behind me jabbering away about anything that came to her pea-brain. Sometimes I wonder…How big was her brain? The size of a Soy nut? Or worse…the size of a drop of nail polish?…Maybe she didn’t have one. You never know about a woman like her. I grabbed a shopping cart and went on my way. This wal-mart was different than others. This one sold Sex toys, Pride gear, and even did personal piercings…Depending on the day.

I went back to the dairy aisle to get my Yogurt and milk…Unaware that I was being followed by someone. I picked up 4 cups of Dulce De Leche, 4 Cups of Strawberry, 5 Cups of French Vanilla, 5 cups of Pomegranate-Acai, and 4 cups of Key Lime Pie. I still had Pina Collada and Coconut Cream Pie back home. After I got all that and a gallon of skim milk, I grabbed a couple packages of Cream cheese and some Bagels for tomorrow’s breakfast.

That strange feeling came back to me…The feeling something was off….It came back to me when I was picking up a package of Veggie Dogs for tomorrow’s lunch…This time, it felt like someone was watching my every move…Just like back at the bar. I kept a sharp eye on what was going on around me. I went into the snack aisle for some White Cheddar dip and some Sun Chips… that feeling still looming over me like a dark shadow…I continued shopping with that weird feeling taking over my body, Unaware that there was someone following me…Stalking me…I went into the aisle with the cleaning supplies and picked up some air freshener and some paper towels. I still had plenty of Toilet Paper. But with every step I took, I heard a “Click…Click…Click….” of heeled boots…I turned my head, and there she was. Samantha Michaels. She was following me for some weird reason….I noticed her nonchalantly looking at the prices for some bug spray.

“Weird….What the hell is this woman doing, following me?” I said in my mind…I gave her a weird look as I went on ahead to pay my Layaway payment and go towards the Electronics department for a Wii-Remote Charging Station.

I picked a station that matched my White Wii-Remote and picked up a second controller in case someone wanted to play with me. (Not in that way, Perverts!!) I finished up my trip by picking up some perfume and some more Eyeliner…Not knowing Samantha was still following me. It was a little creepy what she was doing in the first place. What in the world was she doing while she was following me? Was she some sort of stalker? Was she an old enemy of mine from High school that wanted to get revenge? I had no idea….Until she stopped me in the aisle that was nearest to the checkout, the Perfume aisle.

“I bet you’re wondering why I’m following you, huh?” she said, her hand on my shoulder…the feeling intensifying in my body…It was like she was causing the strange feeling that was making me nervous. She turned me around, my green eyes locking onto her Gold eyes….kinda freaking me out a bit because of the way she acted.

“You should know…You’re in danger…There’s a group out there that wants to kill you. I noticed you at the Cherry Bomb….You’re Bi, Aren’t you?” She said, in a somewhat stern voice.

“Yeah…Why?” I said, unsure why she asked me.

“There’s a group out there called the Anti-Bi Squad. Lady-Killer, Shadowrine, and Firepaw. Their leader…is a man named Dr. Nightmare. Their purpose is to kill or convert all people who love the same sex…They only want a world that’s filled with only Straight people…They despise anyone who expresses the love for anyone who is Lesbian. Bisexual...whatever. And from what I hear…You’re on their list of people they want to kill. I’m just gonna say this…Watch. Your. Tails. Destiny.” And with that, she walked over to the exit and left.

“How did she know my name?!?!” I said, panicking. After that, I checked out and took my stuff to the car…freaking out about what she told me. “Dr. Nightmare…Lady-Killer….Shadowrine…Firepaw…Who are they? Why are they after me? I’m so confused….”

When I went to put my stuff in the car, Samantha was at the side of the building….Talking into her communicator again.

“Lady-Killer here…I told her about us…And she has no idea who I am yet. Phase Two complete. “

Good, my servant…Is Phase three ready?”

“Yes, Sir. Phase Three is ready. The Dark Antimatter Cannon is ready to be aimed and fired at the city’s Power System in order to shut it down and have it upload our Anti-Bi Beam. When this is fired through the energy stream, Everyone who is in a Same-Sex Relationship will be unable to resist the charms of a Straight Person instead of the Opposite sex.”

“You may begin on my signal…But first…Lead that bitch DomiNeko over to the Power Plant…She’ll get a Shock…to her system.”

“Yes Sir. Lady-Killer out.”

When I got home, I got a message on my answering machine. When I brought all the bags inside the house and unpacked them one at a time. I tossed the Wii-Remote Charger on my couch as I put the yogurt cups, Veggie Dogs, and other food in the refrigerator. I used my longer Black tail to hit the button on my answering machine. Jacob’s voice rang through my kitchen.

Hey, Baby. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the phone. I was still asleep when you called and when I tried getting up, I fell back asleep. But sure. I’ll meet you at DragonTail Pizza at 4:00. See you then, my cuddly-Kitty….”

My heart fluttered as I heard his voice…I loved that man so much….It was like we were really meant for each other. 6’2”, 210 pounds, Short brown hair with beautiful green eyes…Silver Fur with white tufts on all nine of his tails…Yes, he too has a defect like me….He has Nine tails. But each one…feels amazing. He was a bit of a klutz like me….But he knew what he was doing. Even if he was younger than me…Age is just a number.

I finished putting the big bag of gummy worms in the jar that I kept them in and threw the plastic bags into a drawer. I recycle them as tiny trash bags for the bathroom. As soon as I sat down to open the package with the Wii Remote Charger, I turned the TV On again and changed it to the news. It took a while for me to open it and get the rechargeable batteries out. Once I did, I got the new controller out and put the packs in, placing them on the charger and plugging them in next to the Wii. I sat back down and watched what was going on. So far, it was talking about who won the football game last night. I was relaxed…Until I saw an urgent report.

“This just in! A Mysterious Red-haired Barn-Owl woman has just infiltrated the city’s Power Grid with a strange looking Laser cannon attached to her back…People, Be on the watch for this woman no matter where you are…She Is considered to be Armed and Dangerous. Be sure to stay inside during this time and away from the Power System Building in case she tries to attack anyone.”

I looked at the woman on the TV, She looked kind of familiar, yet…She was different. She had a strange mask on her face that had large golden wings that gave her like a Helmet-like look to it…The mask covered the top of her beak and the back went down to in-between her wings…Her outfit looked similar to Wonder Woman’s…Yet, It was Jet Black and Gold, and her breasts were just bulging from the top…with Knee-High Black boots with Gold Laces on her feet, Elbow-High Gold gloves and her hair was in a Ponytail…and it went down to her brown Tail feathers….Under her Ponytail was a weird looking Black and Purple pulsating cannon attached to her back…And I noticed a Skull with Sapphire Eyes Tattoo on her right shoulder…

“That woman looks familiar…But I can’t place my finger on it…” I said until Venus sent me a Telepathic message.

“Destiny. It is now time to fight. This female is threatening to attack the people who work at the power building….She is wearing one of the 4 Dark Treasures….The Hemet of Hades. This item transforms her…Yet…I do not know her name…or power. There are Four Treasures…And each is stronger and more difficult to use than the last.”

“Venus? Is that you?”

“Yes. You must get up and fight….It is time to test some of your abilities. Transform and I will tell you.”

“Right.” I touched the heart-shaped jewel on my collar, and closed my eyes. “Power of Love, Power of Beauty, Open my Heart…And Set me free!”

A Bright pink light engulfed my body, transforming my clothing into my new costume…The Corset-Top appeared on my chest as my skirt melted out from the top, solidifying around me.…My Boots appeared around my legs and laced themselves up…My hair was automatically put up into a ponytail as my cape hooked onto my shoulders….The gloves appeared on my arms and became sleeveless…while my Heart-shaped bag appeared on my right shoulder. The final pieces to my form was my mask and belt…It merged onto my face as my earrings transformed from Big hoops into Tiny hoops….and the leather belt wrapped around my legs and waist…finishing my transformation. DomiNeko was now ready to kick some ass.

Before Venus spoke again, I looked at the TV one last time…and noticed my buddy Scotty Valaschon at the location…He had slipped through the Police squad cars and went in through the back door.

“Scotty! What the hell is he doing there?!”

It seems he has a friend inside that he wants to keep safe….I can sense it. It’s time I taught you the ability of Flight.”

“Flight?! Excuse me?! I have no wings! How in the blue hell am I gonna fly if I don’t have wings?!?!”

“Just Relax. It’s the power of your Spirit. Step outside and I’ll tell you what to do.”

I stepped outside, nervous….As Venus looked on from the Cherry Tree…She told me…

“Destiny….Relax your body and concentrate your energy into your feet…Then Jump up a bit and let your energy go.”

“I hope this works…” I said, placing my feet down with no one looking…relaxing my body as I let my energy drain down to my legs and feet…taking a small jump up as my body levitated a few feet off the ground.…I was freaking out in a good way when I saw my body levitating! “Oh man!!! I…I didn’t know I could do this! But I can celebrate later…Got to get to the Power Plant.”

When I kicked off from where I was levitating, my body went up and towards the Power plant….flying over my neighborhood’s Cul-de-sac, I saw so much from up here…the city...the streets…so many things….It was amazing…..Feeling the cool afternoon air on my face…the wind whipping around my body….It was one giant adrenaline rush….I flew straight to the SexuaCity Power Company, not noticing the people staring at me…curious to know who I was…I landed at the backdoor to the building and went in…Not knowing that Scotty was already way ahead of me. He was looking for his cousin who works on the 3rd floor, And yet…He wasn’t working today.
I started running up the many flights of stairs, using the strange impulse in my body to guide me towards her…And yet, it was hard enough running up any flight of stairs in boots….Even if they were Faux Leather. I did stumble up the stairs a bit while going up the many flights of stairs…Three at the ground floor…Four on the first floor…Two on the Second…and Three on the Third….And yet, there were only 7 Floors in the whole damn building.

By the time I got to the second flight of stairs, the pulsing in my body got worse. She wasn’t aiming for the 3rd floor at all…She was going for the Second Story, where the Generator was located at. But that wasn’t my priority yet. I ran up to the Third floor, opening the door and ran inside the large room, Scotty was still looking for his cousin, Not knowing that he wasn’t in work today.

“Rommel?! Are you here?!” He was calling out, and I could hear him from the 3rd floor stairwell. Damn, he was loud. “Rommel! Come on, man! Answer me! Where are you?! If you’re here, We’ve gotta get out now!” He was calling for his cousin Rommel Rougari. A 29 year old Panther-Dude with dark brown hair and a slight attitude.

The door was unlocked and when I opened it, he turned around. “Who are you?! Are you with that Barn-Owl woman?!” He said to me, standing in a fighting pose…ready to strike.

“No! Hell no! I’m DomiNeko. I’m here to stop her, not help her! Wait a sec…What are you doing here?” I said, holding my hands up in defense. “But I’m sorry I startled you…I just wanted to see if you were safe…Because if that woman fires that cannon, we’re gonna be in danger.”

“Oh…It’s ok. I’m just here to see If my cousin Rommel was in here…Looks like he’s not. My name is Scotty Valaschon. It’s nice to meet you, DomiNeko.” He said, reaching his hand out to me. I shook his hand as he continued. “I’ll be fine. I can hold my own when it comes to stuff like this. I’ve handled worse. But you need any help taking this woman down? I can totally help you.”

“Uh…Sure. Come on. She’s on the Second floor.”

“How do you know that?”

“I can sense it….her energy is dark…and it’s strong. Come on, We‘ve got to get down there before she attacks!” I said, taking him by the hand and led him down the stairs to the second floor…I heard him take an extendable pole out from his pocket…(It was the size of a cell phone.) as he pushed the button, it extended to twice it’s size. It was now as tall as he was. He held the extendable Bamboo pole as we reached the door to the second floor Generator room. I tried opening it manually…But to no avail. She had locked it with a chair up against the doorknob.

“Gimme a hand here? She locked the door with a chair…I need some help kicking it down!” I said to Scotty, as he put his pole against the wall to help me kick the door down.

We both put our hands on the doorframe for balance as we kicked the door hard with our hard-heeled boots. The whole door just exploded open as we ran in, looking for the door to the Generator within the extremely large room. I ran to the right side, trying each door I saw…But they only led to storage rooms. But in my obliviosity…I didn’t notice the room that was in front of us labeled “Generator”. (And I know Obliviosity isn’t a word.) I didn’t know it until Scotty grabbed my tail and pointed it out to me. Whoops!

“Ummm…Try this door.” He said.


We kicked the door down at the same time as we startled the Barn-Owl woman. She was hooking the cannon up to the generator…and we had no idea why she was.

“DomiNeko…We finally Meet. Allow me to introduce myself. You can call me…Lady-Killer. And I’m your worst nightmare.” She said to us.

“Lady-Killer? Why are you called that?” Scotty asked. …asking a dumb question.

“You wonder why I’m called this? Because….I kill Bisexual Women or Lesbians…sometimes even Gay men or Bisexual Men…Hell, even a transsexual sometimes with my strong talons…” She said, holding up her long red claws on her hand….” Or I break the hearts of the men that want me. Yet, there’s only one man for me…My Boss, Dr. Nightmare. He shares the same dream as I….A world of only Straight people….No Same-Sex relationships anymore…Ever again! Ever since I lost my fiancée to a gay man as he left me at the altar…Never again will I go through that feeling…Because once I finish hooking the Anti-Bi Beam up to this generator…Everyone that is either Bisexual, Transsexual, Gay or Lesbian…Will never exist again….They will only love the Opposite sex from now on! And what are you gonna do to stop me? Nothing. Am I right?” She said to me, a devious smirk on her face.

“So…a world with only Straight people? That’s stupid. Without Same-Sex love, it’s like there is no love at all…Everyone deserves it. If you’re into Women, Men, or Both…No matter who you are! Everyone deserves love. No matter who you are. Do you not understand what you’re doing?! If you finish that up…You’ll be disturbing the natural order of nature! And you‘ll be ruining a wonderful thing….Being able to love both Men and Women at the same time…The feeling of Passion between either sex…Do you really want to ruin an amazing thing?!” I said, my eyes narrowing.

“Ask me later when I give a flying fuck, bitch.” She told me, going back to her work.

When she called me a bitch…I lost it. Nobody calls me a bitch and gets away with it. I opened my bag and reached inside…Pulling out a strange golden ball. “What in the hell is this? Might as well try it…I’ve got to do something to stop her before she completes that circuit!” I tossed the ball at her, and when it touched her feathers…It exploded and tied her up in a Lotus Tie Trap that held her legs back, and her arms were tied behind her back. It was like the same trap I used on that biker gang yesterday!

“déjà vu! That’s the same thing I used on Tiger the other day! What are these?! Bondage Bombs?….Hmm…That‘s a good thing to call these…” I said, as Lady-Killer struggled to get out of her trap. Scotty unhooked the cannon from the generator.

“What in the hell Is this?!” Lady-Killer said, struggling to get free from her restraints.

“It’s a Lotus Tie Bondage Bomb…Hard to get out of…Unless you can make spikes come out of your body.” I said to her, taking the cannon out from Scotty’s hands and putting it on the ground next to me. “We’re not gonna let you ruin a wonderful thing…You will never mess with the feeling of Love ever again…”

But…The bad thing was, Her tail feathers were actually Cyborg implants….They were made of metal blades. She raised her tail up and started to cut through the leather that held her down by moving her body up and down over the bladed tail feathers…Which started breaking her free slowly. I picked the cannon up and started to walk out until I heard a loud “Snap”…Which was the trap breaking her free from my grip.

She stood up, laughing to herself….”You should know….Parts of my body were replaced with Cybernetic implants….Just so I can take down a goody-goody bitch like you. You will NOT Stop me from completing this mission and be able to stand by my boss’s side in victory…In a world full of nothing but Straight Lovers!!” And with that, She jumped upon my back, knocking me down…which knocked the cannon out of my hands and over to Scotty, who then picked it up and ran towards Lady-Killer as we struggled against the force of each others forms, slapping her in the face as she tried to claw my neck apart…

“Get off her, you bitch!” He yelled, smashing the cannon over Lady-Killer’s back…But it didn’t break fully. She let out a loud scream as she got off my back, allowing me to reach inside my bag to pull out my Cat-O-Nine Tails Whip…The Three-roped whip was Black and Crimson with Spikes on the ropes…

When I got up, Scotty picked his staff up from the wall he left it on and spun it around his body…giving Lady-Killer the “Come get it” gesture towards her. She ran forward, her long red nails extending like daggers as Scotty ran towards her, striking her hands with his staff and spun around her body, attempting to strike her in the back of the head… She ducked and avoided the blow to the head, but she stabbed him in the left leg with her long claws.

He screamed in pain, but kept fighting. He struck her in the head again which knocked her down. I ran towards her with my whip, but she started kicking my arms with her leather-covered legs, trying to make me fall over somehow.

I stood and blocked her strikes until she punched me in the face…knocking me back. I didn’t fall down, though. I ran towards her again and attacked her with the whip as Scotty decided to strike her with his staff. She dodged some blows, and struck us down with her long claws and legs…it cut us up wherever she hit…My arms, one of my legs, one of my cheeks and part of my chest were dripping in blood…Scotty’s leg and half his body was cut up and bruised from the fighting….

“Normally, I don’t hit girls…But you’re an exception!” Scotty said, striking Lady-Killer in the face with his staff…somewhat breaking her beak as a long trail of blood ran down her face. ”You don’t deserve to be treated like a lady…You’re a criminal that needs to be put away!”

“And normally, I’m against something like this…But you deserve it! Nobody deserves to have their hearts broken or their love taken away from them!” I said, striking her on the back with my whip, drawing blood from her body as it hit and cut her open…the red liquid staining her feathered form…

She dodged and avoided the remainder of the blows, and then grabbed the cannon from it’s spot as she tumbled free from the strikes and attacks…Her face and body was bloodied up and sore…her arms and back were covered in blood….as she aimed the cannon at us.

“Game over….You two fought very well…But it’s time for you…To die.” She set the cannon on “Obliviate” Mode, but when she did…It short-circuited. Sparks flown from the machine as she dropped it…and when she did…


It exploded all over her.

“What just happened?! I set it to kill you two…and it just exploded!” Lady-Killer said, freaking out.

“Remember when Scotty smashed it on you? By doing that, the cannon was dented and halfway broken! And when you switched it…It set off a chain reaction inside…Which caused it to explode all over your sorry hide.” I said, smirking behind my blood-stained face.

“Yeah….So it’s not Game over for us…It’s Game over…For you.” Scotty said, wiping the blood off his arm.

“This isn’t over! I’ll be back soon….But remember….There’s two more of us…Firepaw will take care of you….Either him or Shadowrine!” Lady-killer said until I pulled a ball-gag out of my bag and threw it at her, falling into her open mouth and locking itself around her head…And when it locked, a strange light-purple Liquid Latex started pouring out and covered her entire body…It merged with her form and started to trap her in a body-case.

“I’m sorry…I couldn’t hear you. You make me wanna Gag. Get it?” I said, smirking as me and Scotty walked out, putting our weapons back.

We walked down the stairs and out to the parking lot where the police were still around the door. They yelled out “Freeze! Stay where you are!”

“Do not be afraid! This is DomiNeko! She stopped the Barn-Owl woman! She’s inside right now…all tied up for you!” Scotty said, keeping the policemen from attacking.

“Oh, Really?” the Police chief said, grabbing me by the arm and dragged me back inside. “Show me where she is, and I won’t run you in for trespassing!”

“Ok! Just let me go, please! I’m sore…” I said, taking him and his squad back upstairs to the Third floor, pointing to a gagged and bound by Liquid Latex Lady-Killer in the middle of the floor. “She was here to attach a cannon to the Generator and fire a beam into the city that would cause everyone to only love the Opposite Sex instead of letting them have their freedom to love whomever they want!”

“I see….Thank you, DomiNeko…We’ll take it from here.” He said to me, giving me a nod and sent me on my way. “I’m sorry I hurt you…Do you need any medical help?”

“Well…” I said, but I noticed my wounds slowly healing themselves…the cuts and gashes on my body were slowly mending themselves with a mysterious energy….”Looks like I won’t…But my friend Scotty does. He’s the Cheetah you saw with me. He needs to be sent to the hospital to get his wounds stitched and cleaned. Can you do that for me?”

“Sure. Now get going.” the Chief said, whipping out his Cell phone and dialing the ambulance that was at the foot of the building, letting them know that my friend needed help.

I walked out of the place, sore and still healing….as I saw my friend over on a stretcher, getting his wounds stitched up one place at a time. I walked over to him with a soft smile.

“You ok?” I said to him as he got his arms stitched up slowly.

“Yeah…I’m fine…Just never been in a fight like that before….Are you ok?”

“Yeah…I’m ok…Just…I don’t know how…It’s like my wounds are just healing themselves…I’m not like Wolverine…But I don’t know how it’s happening.” I said, looking at my body that was still covered in blood…yet just devoid of cuts or gashes.

“Hmmm….I think someone up there likes you. “ He said to me, his brown eyes pointing up to the sky with a soft chuckle.

“Must be. Now…I’ve gotta go. I’ve got a party to get ready for.” I said, flying off away from the building and went back home to get cleaned off for later on tonight.

“I’m very proud of you, Destiny. You and your friend fought valiantly. You two took it upon yourselves to stop a banshee from ruining love forever.” Venus said to me, as I noticed her flying next to me in her Snow owl form again.

“Banshee? She was a Barn-Owl, Venus.”

“It’s a metaphor for a female that wants to destroy happiness or a creature that kills others like a Banshee kills with her voice.”

“Oh….Ok. Gotcha. Now, If you’ll excuse me…I’ve gotta get ready to go.” I said, flying down to my house and landing at my front door. I stepped inside and said “Venus…Release me.” It transformed me back into my true form. I locked the door and stripped down to the nude. I walked into my bedroom and stepped into the shower, turning it on as the warm water started to wash the blood off of me…

I let the water run over my whole body, rinsing the blood off of my fur…sticking my head under the shower head, my cat-ears and tails were being caressed by the warmness…it felt so good as all of the red, sticky blood went down the drain and off of me…some of the warmness caressed over my sensitive nipple ring and caused my body to tingle a bit…It felt so nice…Until I got a call on my bathroom phone.

I reached a hand out and pushed the Speaker button.


“Hey Baby! I’m here at DragonTail Pizza…I’m waiting for you!” It was Jacob. He had already arrived at the restaurant before me! It was only 3:39 right now! Early much?

“You’re early! I said meet me there at 4:00!”

“I know…But I wanted to surprise you first! Get down here when you can, ok?”

“Ok….I’ll be there in a few!”

I hung up and got out of the shower. Quickly getting ready, I decided not to wear makeup or my tongue ring tonight. I pulled on a black Mini skirt and a Pink tank-top along with a pair of black Sandal-Heels. I grabbed my purse and jumped in my car to head back down to the city for dinner.

After a while, I arrived at the restaurant with my damp hair in a ponytail as I walked in, sitting down to Jacob who was wearing a Light Blue t-shirt and shorts. We relaxed and talked about our days…He was making a new game that had a samurai as a main character. I just told him about what went on, and didn’t mention DomiNeko or the fight at the power plant. .

“Ah….So all you did was go to the store and relaxed, honey?”


“Yeah. Today was pretty uneventful for me. All I did was just shop and watch the Solitary 4.0 Marathon.”

We shared a Spinach and Pineapple pizza while we relaxed. Sometimes, he would make me giggle by blowing bubbles into his soda or he used one of his nine tails to tickle my legs. either that, or he would make a silly noise while we ate. God, he knew what to do to make me laugh my two tails off.

We finished up our dinner and headed towards the Cherry Bomb.

“So…Are you ready to rock out, Destiny?”


We took his car back to his house and we took my car to the club. Singa was already at the door waiting for us. She blindfolded me and whispered “She’s not ready to perform yet…So why don’t you and Jacob go in the back and have some fun before she starts?”

She led me to one of the dungeons and closed the door with me and Jacob inside. While I was still blindfolded, Jacob started kissing me gently, pushing me back onto the soft single bed that was behind him and stripped my top off with just his mouth…I stripped his shirt off with my clawed hands and tossed it to the side, pulling him down upon my slender body and started kissing him deep…our jaws opening to let our tongues dance within each others mouths passionately…He heard me purr in pleasure as he wrapped his arms around my body….

I sucked on his tongue gently as he let out a soft whimper of pleasure, raking my nails down his muscular arms as we kissed…I traced my lips across his jaw and down his neck…kissing the silver fur that was there with my tongue…I licked his neck slowly and gently…releasing a soft sigh from his lips…letting him listen to my pleased purrs as my tongue went down his neck and around to his throat, feeling him swallow some air as I traced my way down to his chest….letting my tongue trace over one of his hard and erect nipples…feeling the softness of his flesh run over my pink tongue…I latched onto one of them and tugged it softly as I felt his hands tangle themselves in my hair…pushing my head down as I licked and kissed his chest….his body trembling in pleasure when I kissed his stomach…licking his tiny navel with a giggle…

I felt a bulge in his pants rub up against my breasts…as I took my blindfold off, he raised my upper body up with one hand and slipped his shorts down with one hand, taking his boxers down with them…revealing his long and sexy 20 inch cock…partially erect. With a smirk, I got on my knees and held it in my hands, stroking it softly as he whispered…

“Please…Destiny…Suck me…”

“Not just yet…It’s not ready…”

I stroked it softly up and down, tracing a finger up and down the top of the shaft as he shivered in pleasure….I bent down and licked the long manhood slowly….starting at the bottom and licked upwards while he wrapped his hands in my hair again…I licked up and down as he shivered more…stroking his dick while I went…


I gave in, slipping the tip into my mouth and started sucking it slowly…feeling him breathe out hard as he felt the warmness of my mouth around his length…I started taking his hardness into my mouth slowly and licked his soft tip as I slid his cock inside…sucking most of it in as he gripped my hair, holding the remainder in my hand as I pulsed my head up and down….tightening my lips around as I went, I heard him groan out a pleased cry… And as I stroked and sucked him, his dick got harder…

With my free hand, I slipped my panties and shorts down…he felt the heat from my wet and dripping pussy on his right leg…using one of his tails to tease my wet folds…releasing a heated moan from my lips while his dick was still in my mouth…he slid his tail up to tease my twitching clit as his hands pulsed my head up and down….allowing me to deep throat him hard…his hard cock was deep in my throat as I gagged slightly, raising up as he pushed me onto my back, which pulled it out of my mouth…

He started licking my neck, tracing his tongue over my pink and black fur…reaching a hand down to rub my wetness as I moaned…feeling his fingers mess with my twitching clit instead of his tail…it felt so good…he traced his lips down and latched his jaws around one of my nipples…sucking and licking my left side…the side with my nipple piercing…his long tongue dragged over my pink nipples…tugging gently on the piercing as I cried out…he switched over to the right side and sucked on it…using his free hand to rub my left side again…until he kissed my chest more, putting my legs on his shoulders as his hands let go off my breast and clit…instead, they gripped onto my ass…as his mouth went down to my wet cunt…which was dripping wet…he could tell because it left a mark on the crimson-colored bed we were on…

“Mmm….It’s got a nice smell to it….I wonder how well it tastes today?” He said, smirking as he smelled my heat…

I was gonna reply…until his pink tongue snaked out from behind his lips and started licking my clit…instead releasing a loud moan from my lips…it was so good…feeling his hot tongue licking my wetness…my nipples hardening…the pleasure that was shooting through my body….It was unbearable…It was too good…

“Oh man….It tastes so good…” he moaned into my pussy….his tongue going up and down along my swollen clit… sending those bolts of ecstasy into my mind…until it went lower…slipping into my wet hole…licking all around inside….releasing pleased moans from both of us…I regulated my breathing so it would feel like an orgasmic thunderbolt of pleasure when the time was right….I’m lucky my cycle had ended a couple of days ago so I couldn’t get pregnant during this time…I wanted his hard cock inside me now…But my mind was filled with so much pleasure…I couldn’t form the words….


He raised his head up and said…”Yes?”

“I…I want you…I…”


“I want your dick inside me….now…Please…fill me….I want your cock right now….” I moaned, my sweaty body was heaving heavily from the pleasure…

“As you wish….”

He got on his knees and lifted my ass up in the air….my pussy was shining in the light of the room….as he pushed the tip of his cock inside my tight hole…the wetness spilled all over him as he pushed in….releasing a groan from both of us at the same time as his hardness slipped inside me….taking my body over with pleasure…

He looked into my eyes and with a soft groan, thrust inside slowly….moaning hard as he moved inside…

“Oh god…You’re so tight…” he said to me…

“Oh my….You’re so big…I don’t know if I can take all of that in…..” I replied….

“We’ll see….”

He put my legs on his shoulders as he started thrusting in…the feel of his hard cock inside my wet cunt….it was amazing…every thrust inside was like a thousand pulsating vibrators that hit my spot every time it went inside me….My arms were wrapped around his neck, legs were wrapped around his waist….Our mouths opened to kiss each other passionately and feverishly…..his hands were still on my ass as he moved….I rocked my body against his…pressing my wetness even closer to him…rubbing my swollen clit against his groin….the pleasure taking over our bodies…it made our skin tingle….our fur stand on end…our nipples began to harden…as we kissed, our breathing got harder….our bodies started to be coated with a light mist of sweat….it was so good…his cock started getting even harder as he thrust inside…I felt my body leak a bit of fluid as he thrust in….I could feel a small squirt of precum come out of the tip of his manhood…splashing inside of my body like a trickle of rain… his cock was the key to my release…and I was his treasure that his key could unlock….the pleasure overtook my body and mind….my eyes rolled back as he thrust in harder and deeper….my nails digging into his shoulders…my legs gripping his waist….his nails dug into my ass….

We moaned harder and harder as I rocked more against him….and he thrust harder and deeper inside me….our climaxes getting ready to come…I felt my breasts swell a bit…I felt his cock throb inside my body….I couldn’t take it anymore….I had to release. The pleasure was too powerful…

“Oh god…I…I’m gonna cum….I…I can feel it…I’m gonna cum….” I moaned out…his nails digging in deeper into my tight ass…

“M…Me too….I…I’m gonna cum…”

And when he said that…my pussy throbbed…my body jerked…my eyes rolled back as I released my fluid all over his hardness and all over his legs…We couldn’t speak as we both climaxed…he released his hot cum inside of my throbbing body….the creamy white fluid spilled out of me….even as he pulled out…some of it got on my stomach and some of it on my face…into my open mouth that is….I drank it down and panted hard…

We were both panting so hard…you could see our breath in the room…The passion was too much in the room…It was amazing.

After a long kiss, we cleaned ourselves up and walked out of the room. Singa smirked as she saw me and Jacob walk out of the dungeon room.

“How was it?” She asked us, sitting us down in the front row.

“Killer.” we both said, as the lights dimmed….and a light mist came over the stage….

Lady Gaga appeared out of the mist, wearing one of her crazy-ass outfits. It looked like something out of a Beyonce video….Perhaps the video for “Video Phone” mixed with “Bad Romance“? The outfit was a large, gold colored work of art dress with weird yet cool looking pair of platformed shoes Her short hair was put into an odd-looking ponytail as she started singing…

I wanna kiss you…

But if I do, I might miss you babe…

It’s complicated and stupid,

Got my ass squeezed by sexy cupid…

Guess he wants to play,

Wants to play…

A love game…

A Love game…”

We sat back and watched the concert….it wasn’t as memorable as the Humanoid City concert from last night….But it was awesome none the less. We sat through “I like it Rough”, “Paparazzi”, “Bad Romance”, “Pokerface”, just most of her songs from both The Fame and The Fame Monster. It was just a mix of selected songs from both. Just plain awesome.

Over at the same spot as where Samantha was at this morning, Two other guys were talking amongst themselves. One was an English Bulldog with tall red hair and a beard/Mustache combo…The other looked similar to a wrestler I liked, Triple H….Yet, he was a Tasmanian Devil…They were talking to each other about their fallen comrade.

“I can’t believe Lady-Killer was defeated….”

“I know…Nightmare is gonna be pissed…”

“Don’t worry, Shadow. It’s my turn to take her down this time. And this time…I will not fail. I promise you this. I will be the one to take down that woman and destroy her. I’ll even make sure I take the collar as well.:”

“Whatever you say….But when you fail…I will take care of her…Permantely..”

“As long as you take her collar as well…Nightmare will be pleased if we take it from around her pretty neck…”

"No problem."



Who were the remaining two at the table?

I had no idea. And you don’t either. You will soon!

Be sure to look for Chapter 3: This Fire Burns.

Chapter 1: Birth of a Heroine.

DomiNeko, The Dark Angel

By: Emily laster

Disclaimer: All things in this story belong to me, except for Tokio Hotel, or any of the bands in this story….Or the friends that wanted to be in the story. Enjoy! By the way, If you are not into Yiffing, Bisexual Superheroines,Same-sex relationships or Sexual content…Then don’t read it. No one is making you.

Chapter 1: Birth of a Heroine.


You think your life is strange?

Mine had just started getting stranger.

Welcome to SexuaCity, Kentucky. The most technologically advanced city in the whole freaking United States. There’s so much to do here….If you’re not being chased by a trio of evil creeps like I was…Let me introduce myself. My name is Destiny Maria Minx. Welcome to my crazy, mixed up life.

Let’s rewind here, though. All the way to the very beginning. It all started March 22nd, a day before my 25th Birthday. I was working at one of the most successful Massage spas in SexuaCity, the “Ocean Breeze Day Spa” as it was called…Err; I still am…just so you know. 

But I was kind of clumsy. If I didn’t knock over a whole display of Cherry-vanilla lotion, I would accidentally press the wrong spot on my client and hurt them instead of help them. I was busy working on my new client, a very hot looking Wolf-guy named “Luke Lunari”…He had come in with a bad back from working construction all day.

I had just put some more Lavender-Rose lotion in my hands, making sure not to use too much…When all of a sudden…

“Destiny Minx! Get your Two-Tailed butt in here!” a voice boomed out from all the way across the hall.

It was my boss, Buck Royale. This guy’s ego was as big as his antlers and his love of porn. I know this because I snuck into his office one year and watched some pretty good movies while he was out getting his antlers trimmed. Thank god for a portable DVD Player and a silent vibrator.

“What did I do this time?!” I wondered. After putting the lotion back in the bottle, I told my client I would be right back. My Eagle-friend Samantha Celeste, came up to me, her green eagle-eyes looking into my bright emerald green eyes with a smile, as she told me…

“I think Buck wants you to give him your “special” massage again, just like when we went to Jamaica that one year…and you got drunk off your ass…and he took you and me to the hotel and…” I had to cut her off, putting my hands over her beak and shushed her violently.

“Do you want everyone to hear what happened?! You should know that fifteen tequila shots plus my body does not mix in the first place! I do weird things when I’m drunk!” I told her, my black-nailed hands on her yellow beak, keeping the eagle-woman from talking…

I took my hands off her beak as she sighed. “Destiny, Almost everyone knows what happened two years ago. We were all there! Hell, some of the people here even caught your table-dance to “Break Away” by Tokio Hotel! And you even decorated the boss to look like Bill Kaulitz in order to make out with him!”

I just stood there with a huge rose-colored blush on my face as I ran down the hall to the Boss’s office and took a deep breath. The boss was taller than me…About 6’9’’ and about 271, not counting those heavy-ass antlers on his head. Not kidding. Those things were about 20 pounds by themselves! Someone needs to tell this Deer-guy to lay off the Crown royal! Jeez! Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and walked in…Buck’s chair was turned around to his windowed view…

“You called me, sir?” I said, kinda nervous.

“Yes, Destiny, I did. Come, take a seat.” Buck said, not turning around.

I sat down in one of his green-velvet chairs, sweat forming under my Pink and black-colored fur…my twin tails wrapped around my waist as he turned around, elbows on desk and hands put together in a thinking position…His dark brown eyes stabbed daggers into my heart….He wasn’t angry, it was just the way he always looked…if he wasn’t getting laid, that is. 

With a light sigh, he said “Destiny, It’s time we talked. You’re one of my best masseuses…Kind of clumsy to say the most, I mean.. You hurt five clients on accident, messed up three displays, and botched up a whole stock room of Sauna supplies…”

And as he went on and on about my uh-ohs, I rolled my eyes and mumbled to myself “Well, sir…if a certain coyote-bitch didn’t stumble into my path, I wouldn’t have fell into the supply closet and wound up with wet-sauna stones down my fucking shirt.” ,thinking of the woman who works three doors down from her.

My focus went back to Buck, still bored out of my mind. “But still. It’s about our sales of Cherry-Vanilla Massage lotion. The brand you said you would help sell every time you had a client. You haven’t been using the lotion, have you?”

“No sir, I’ve been using the Lavender-Rose…The Cherry-Vanilla was getting boring, so I decided to keep on using the Lavender-Rose instead. Why? Do we need to update our inventory or come up with some new slogans to sell the stuff? I mean…Not many people ask for the scheisse in the first place! Hell, that’s why I don’t use it as much…Even I get bored with using the same stuff over and over…” I told him, sitting back in the chair as I messed with the necklace my boyfriend gave me as an early birthday gift. My long fingers messed with the rose-pendant as he looked at me sternly, banging his big brown fist against his hardwood desk, making some of his stuff fall down in their places . I was lucky his wedding band didn’t snap off his huge fingers and hit me in the head!

“Miss Minx, Are you even listening to me?! We need a way to sell this stuff or we won’t be able to get our new shipment of summer lotions like “Caramel Ice Cream” or “Sun kissed Orange Blossom”! Do you understand me? Or do you not speak English anymore?! Sprecken sie deutch?! Se habla espanol?!” He said to me with a sarcastic tone…adding the fact I’m learning German in my spare time…adding insult to injury, even though i wasn’t in pain. “So, Your new mission besides making our clients relaxed; is to use only…and Only the Cherry-Vanilla lotion to use it up in order to make room for our new inventory. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, sir….But I still have twenty bottles of Lavender-Rose…What do I do with them? Put them back in the storage-room?

“Give them to Bertha…She’ll use it. But I don’t want to see one black nail on a bottle of Lavender-rose lotion or I’ll demote you back down to Pedicurist!”  He said, taking a long drink of a small glass of Crown Royal that was sitting on his desk. I couldn’t stand the stuff. It would make me gag every time I tried drinking it.  But thinking of Bertha Wayne…Just sent shivers down my spine…

Bertha Agnes Wayne was one of the bitchiest, and most annoying of the Massage therapists here. The same Coyote-woman I mentioned earlier. She always came in wearing the gaudiest clothes, her nails always painted multiple colors, Bluetooth headset in her ear all the time, and she always wore these crappy-looking stripper like heels that made this woman look like a total slut.  She never would shut up about her many Threesomes, orgies, or one-night-stands. Her idea to get a guy (Or girl…Yes, She is Bisexual like I am.) almost every night was to go to my best friend Singa’s Nightclub, the Cherry Bomb and pretend she was drunk in order to have one, or maybe even a Girl and a guy to help take her home because she would say “I just lost my one true love…And I lost my car keys…I have my home key…Will you take me home since I have no way to get there? I live about nine blocks from here…” And it worked…Most of the time.

She knew nothing of true love…That bitch wouldn’t know true love if it came up to her and shoved itself up her cunt. With a heavy sigh, I nodded and left the office, my claws messing with the two earrings in each of my ears….I went to the stock room and got about fifteen bottles of Cherry-Vanilla lotion and put them at my workstation, my client fell asleep for a bit while waiting for me. After taking the twenty bottles of Lavender-rose lotion to Bertha without a word, she stopped me before I could leave her workspace.

With a loud bubble-gum pop, she said “Hey there, Destiny. Did you hear about me and that sexy looking Dragon-guy I picked up at the bar last week? I mean, he was hot. But his dick was huge and throbbing, just like his big red sports car…Ah man, it was amazing…He knew how to really give my pussy a good petting, if you know what I mean… and that tongue…Oh wow, it was like having a waterfall of pleasure inside me…And you don’t want to know how much he came inside me…I was like an open house, He just came inside!” She told me in a heavy jersey accent.

Her voice sounded like Fran Dresher from the Nanny…That kind of high-pitched, kind of nasally voice that you want to just shut up with a ball-gag and duct tape. And her hair resembled the same woman as well…Tall, Black, and loaded down with almost two cans of hairspray. Which I think fried her brain cells every time she used the crap.

“Yeah…That’s nice.” I said, turning around and walking out of her work zone, rolling my eyes and mumbled the word “Mega-slut…” under my breath, so low that she couldn’t hear me.

“What was that? Did you just call me a Mega-Slut?” Bertha said to me.

“No! I didn’t.”

“Ah. If you did, I would’ve beaten you upside the head with a glass bottle! No one makes fun of this sexy coyote!” She gave off a small howl and went back to reading her magazine while she waited for a new client.

And with those last words, I went back to work.

Luke looked up at me and said “What was that all about?”

“Ehh, my boss is being an asshole again….As pre-usual, the pig….” I said.

“I thought he was a Deer?”

“He is…but…Well, you know what I mean.” And when I said that, I put the pink colored Cherry-Vanilla lotion in my hands and started massaging all over his back, making sure to get his muscular shoulder-blades, his built lower torso, and his well-sculpted upper back…Damn, he was built like my boyfriend….In every aspect, his Arms…Torso…Legs…Everywhere…

Just thinking about my boyfriend, Jacob Keith Fox…Was just getting me turned on every time I rubbed up and down his back, the lotion going into his fur…Adding a nice shine as I kept going….I started giving off a low moan, eyes closing a bit…my mind wandering to the thought of tomorrow night….The feel of his strong hands on my body, undressing me slowly, The smell of his cologne on his neck, the sight of his mouth on my breasts and his hands on my ass as one of his nine tails messed with my pussy while we kissed….It was a mental-visual orgasm to me…And as I rubbed,i the intensity in my mind grew..I placed my hand down on my wet panties while Luke or anyone else wasn’t looking,Rubbing my swollen clit gently through the fabric,feeling the pleasure rising in my body, My heart racing and my pussy getting wetter..My nipples getting hard under my black sundress which made my piercing appear through the dark outfit,my cheeks gaining a dark pink blush…Until that one moment in which it got too intense for me…I cried out in pleasure, my free hand pressing in on his back hard…creating a loud popping noise as I opened my eyes….my colleagues looking at me with weird looks…everyone murmuring under their breath

“Yo, D…You ok?” My friend Elvira Lake, a Blonde-haired Panther-girl asked me as she walked over and raised an eyebrow,tilting her head a bit. I looked at her with a deep blush as I nodded,giving off somewhat embarrassed reply. But at least it helped Luke…He paid me about 70 bucks for the awesome massage…and it even helped his sore back when I popped it! He even took a couple of bottles of Cherry-Vanilla lotion home with him to give his girlfriend a massage.

As I sat down in my Crimson-colored chair, waiting for my next client before closing time at 4:30, hoping I wouldn’t do that again….But, I couldn’t wait to get out of work tonight! I had two tickets to the Humanoid City tour that was making a stop here and was setting up over at the Delta Stadium. My boyfriend was gonna be busy at work tonight, so i was gonna go pick my best friend up at her nightclub, the Cherry Bomb, which opened at 7:30, but the concert was at 5:00! Hell, from what we knew…The setlist wasn’t gonna be long, so we had time to spare afterwards! And by my thoughts, it was only gonna be from 5:00 until 7:00. It was 12:30 right now. And God, I was so bored…That I went outside and took a break, going over to Singa’s apartment which was about a block away from my workplace, and decided to take her out to lunch. Thank god I was allowed an hour lunch away from here. As I walked out of the building, I started thinking about my best friend.

My friend Singa and I, We knew each other ever since we were in Kindergarten. She was the only one who didn’t care I had two-tails; One long, One kinda stumpy, a strange Birth defect I had when I was born. She was a Singapura cat-girl and I was a cross between a White Manx/Egyptian Mau Cat, you see…And she was a bit shorter than me. I was 5’8”, She was 5’6”. Her hair was Blonde, Mine was Black. Her fur was Brown, Mine was Pink and Black. Yes, I dyed my fur. My real color is peach. But we were best friends ever since we met. She is about 24 and the owner of the best nightclub here in SexuaCity. After heading up to her apartment, I knocked on the door a couple of times as she came up and unlocked it, opening it a crack before giving me a huge hug right there in the hallway.

“Destiny! What’s up?” She said, taking me inside her huge apartment on the 6th floor. And I mean it was big. Not kidding. She lived in like a huge Penthouse-like building. Minus the Porn.  “So, what’s going on, buddy?” she asked me, Standing in front of the mirror, putting her shoulder-length blonde hair up in a ponytail. “Anything new?”

I told her about what happened at work and she said “No way, Another Work-based Orgasm?! Did you get off while you did it?”

With a wide-eyed look, I said “Singa! I can’t masturbate while I’m at work! The boss won’t let me. Besides, the guy reminded me of my boyfriend…That’s all. Besides, I came over to ask if you wanted to go to lunch. I was thinking we could go and get some Fish sandwiches over at Vince’s Café and some Iced Caramel Macciatos over at Starbucks…Maybe go to the park and relax?”  

“Sure! Hell, I need to get out of here for a while anyway; I just booked an awesome Techno set for later tonight after the concert!” She said to me, pulling her red Tank top down over her black jeans as she handed me a photo of an Orange-furred Wolf and a Beige-Cream colored Ferret in a really cool looking pose.

“Who’s the cutiepies in the picture, Singa?” I asked.

“That’s Neurario and Furrett…Err, That’s what they wanted me to call them. They didn’t tell me their real names.” She told me, picking her purse up and re-applied her lipgloss a bit as she slipped on a pair of rhinestone sandals.  “But I’ve heard their work. They’re kick-ass. I love their kind of music. I mean; a mix between Trancecore and Techno, What a beat. We still on for the Humanoid City Concert tonight?”

“Hell yes. I’ve even decided to dress up as Bill from 2008, Black Lion Mane and all. I even have a Temporary “Freiheit89” Tattoo to put on my arm! I just hope it blends in…” I said, looking at my bright pink arm with the black stripe going down the shoulder, past my elbow, and down to my wrist.  

We both walked out of the apartment and down to the garage, stepping into her 2011 Honda Accord, making sure my strapless black sundress or my short jacket didn’t get caught in the door. I reached down and put my purse on the floorboard, making sure I didn’t get my heels caught on anything. She knew I was a total clumsy kitty. 

Me and Singa went down the road from her apartment down to Vince’s Café.  It wasn’t bad on the way there because all we did was talk about work and about music and other crap.

“So, Destiny. Did you get the guy’s number?” She asked me.

“Singa! You know I’m taken already!” I replied, laughing.

“I meant for me! You should’ve given me the number!” Singa laughed back.

“Oh, What am I now? Your personal rolodex?”

“No! But you know I’m looking for a guy! I don’t give a fuck what his name is, I just want to know if he’s cute!” Singa cackled, almost losing control of the steering wheel. You see, Singa has been single for about….Going on 4 years now.  All because of a simple Uh-oh that turns out to be one of the biggest sex-rules ever. And she broke it. I’ll tell you what happened.

About Four years ago, Singa was with a very sexy looking Skunk-dude. Don’t worry. He was de-stinkified because girls were running from him a lot. Anyway, she was on a date with him, hoping to finally lose her virginity. They went to a lovely restaurant, saw one of the best movies over at the theater…But when they finally got into bed to have sex…She looked at his cock and laughed. Biggest. Mistake. Ever. Sure, she said it was the size of a bottle of Nyquil,but size does not matter.

She broke the #1 rule of Pre-Sex manners. Never laugh at the size of a man’s penis. Bad idea. And, because of that mistake…He dumped her. Then…turns out he moved away before she could apologize and start over.  And for Four years, she has been looking and looking for that special person again and again. So, she tries to get me to give her the numbers of only the hot guys. She’s not like me. I go for what’s in their heart, not in their looks. But my guy, he was Heart, Style, and Personality. Just awesome. 

“Anyway, Destiny. That asshole of a boss get on your tails again?”

“Yeah. Because I wouldn’t use the Cherry-Vanilla lotion as much. Said “Sales were down.” And now he won’t let me use the Lavender-Rose until we sell enough bottles. And if I even “Put a black clawed hand on a bottle of the Lavender-Rose”, He’ll demote me to Pedicurist and make me work with the coyote-bitch again. I hated doing that! Last time I worked with Bertha, she almost set my hair on fire, knocked over a bottle of Coconut massage oil on my head, which was kinda cool because it made my hair shiny…But still, She even caused me to stumble into the storage room and knock down a whole box of Wet-Sauna stones, most of them going down my brand new shirt! And I still can’t get the stains out of my fucking bra! Seriously. It stained my new White lace bra with charcoal streaks! Sometimes I wish I could just knock that bitch on her tail and just beat her head in with a glass bottle.” I said, clearly pissed off.

“Yikes….I wouldn’t want to be Bertha if I ever got you angry.” Singa told me, pulling up to the café.

Vince’s Café is one of the nicest places here in SexuaCity, and the food is really good. Our friend Vince Rainfeather, a Blue Macaw-dude…Owned the place. But he was as clumsy as I am right now. Ever since High school, he was stumbling around because he kept tripping over his tail-feathers or his shoes would unlace and trip him up, or he would just knock into a pole without looking. Oops.  But he was a nice guy, even if his head looked more like a cockatoo, instead of a Blue Macaw. Reason? He had a big red crest on his head…That he made out of his own head-feathers with some of his blonde hair and dyed it bright-red. His dad was a Macaw, but his mom was a Cockatoo….and he was just straight-up gay. But he knew some of the cutest guys ever. and he wasn’t afraid to let people know he was only interested in men. He wore nothing but women’s clothing or rainbow shirts, wore Gay-pride stuff, and he even told us he only wore G-strings.

We walked into the small café and walked up to the register where Vince was standing. The place was very nice. About the size of a candy-store but it was painted to reflect the many different sexualities here in SexuaCity; Just like the Cherry Bomb was painted to reflect the orientations as well. The Gay Pride flag was over on the wall above the Jukebox, the Bisexual Flag was over by the Mini- Zen garden, the Transsexual Flag (Is there one?) was next to it as well, as well as a Home-made “Straight and Proud” flag was there, just hanging above the doorway.  The smell of fresh-baked cookies wafted through the air as a very nice looking goose-girl was placing them on a display tray.  A Sexy-looking Wolverine-guy was at the grill, cooking up Veggie burgers, steamed vegtables or french fries and yummy fish sandwiches.

“Hi, Vince!” We said at the same time, giggling.

“Hey, girls!  What can I get my two best friends today?” Vince said, giving off a small yet high-pitched giggle as his blue hand covered his mouth a bit,trying to supress his laugh. (He has a voice similar to a very prissy-gay guy.)

“Well, Two Fish Sandwiches, and perhaps a small bag of chocolate-chip cookies, if you please.” Singa said, reaching into her purse to get her wallet out.

“Of course! And there’s no need to pay for them today, ladies.  These are on me! You wanna know why?”

“How come? Find a new boyfriend, hun? “ I said, smirking.

“No….I’m getting married!” Vince said, holding his hand up which showed off the diamond engagement ring. He was going out with a fucking-hot looking Dingo. Not joking, if this guy was straight, Singa would date him.

We both gave off a squeal of excitement and jumped up and down a bit, smiling. We were so excited that one of our best friends was getting married! 

“When is it? Whose coming? Where’s it gonna be?!” Me and Singa said, almost in unison.

“Whoa! Relax, girls! It’s gonna be Next month, over at the Rainbow Chapel. I’ll send you two some invites…But it may not be needed….Since I want you two to be my bridesmaids!” He said to us, handing the order-ticket to the Wolverine behind him.  (The Rainbow Chapel is the place for Gay men and Lesbians. Even though Straight, Bisexual and Transsexuals visit as well…Mainly gay men and women go there.)

We let off another squeal in excitement, giggling like two hyper schoolgirls that were staring at a very hot guy taking his shirt off in the extreme heat of the summer sun. 

As we sat down with Vince at the counter, he explained it all. How his boyfriend proposed to him in the middle of a movie theater, how he got on one knee in front of a lot of people, proclaimed his love for his life-partner, and accepted his offer in front of so many that wanted to see what was going on. 

“So you see? I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting all my life for something like this to happen…Ever since I turned 26,I was wishing for the right guy to sweep me off my talons and just take me away.”

Me and Singa sighed dreamily at the thought…Until the bell rang for our order to go.  We gave Vince a huge hug and told him we’d be there when the day came.

“Congrats on getting married, buddy! We’ll so be there. You can totally count on us!” I told him, wrapping my arms around his feathered body and gave him a big hug.

“Thank you so much, girls…I can’t wait until you show up…It’s gonna be fantastic! I even got Adam Lambert to play at the wedding reception!”

Now, Singa and Vince loved Adam Lambert, but I didn’t. I didn’t care for him. His music was ok, but I just didn’t care for him. I am Tokio Hotel-obsessed 100 Percent.

He handed us our lunch bag and as we walked out waving goodbye, here came my boss. Buck walked in, gave me a stern look again, and sat down at the counter. With a heavy sigh, I just rolled my eyes and walked out with my best friend out to her car and got in.

“I didn’t know he came here….Did you?” Singa asked.

“No…I thought he always went to The Golden Rabbit for lunch. Or to the Fiery Antelope. Weird.” I said to her. We drove down to Starbucks and went through the Drive through, ordering two Iced Caramel Macciatos and a bag of Chocolate-covered gummy worms.

“Who knew he would enjoy something from a small-town diner like Vince’s….I’ll never understand that guy. Ever. Do you ever think he’s cheating on his wife or something?” Singa said.

“I sometimes wonder….Because he takes girls into the Executive Massage room that are my rank…Normally, he wouldn’t mess with Public Masseuses… But now he takes one or two girls back there and they come back out with messed up makeup and hair….sometimes, some of them are missing their bras!” I said, somewhat surprised.

“That’s amazing. Ever been back there? Is it nice?”

“No. He’s never brought me back there. Ever. I think it’s because I’m taken by someone else. But then again, he seduces girls who have boyfriends or girlfriends to come back there sometimes….I’m thinking he’s totally cheating on his wife behind her back.”

Buck’s wife was a Doe, named Jeanette Olga Royale. Her maiden name was Dorrie. Very beautiful too. She was the same height as me, but her eyes had Hypercromia. One eye was Blue, the other was green. They had three children by themselves, two girls and a son, they were expecting their fourth and final child right now, and she was about four months into her pregnancy. I should know because she walked in for a massage two days ago. She was nice, but because she was carrying a child, Buck didn’t want to fuck her….even though it was ok for him to until her final month.  He’d eat her out, and let her suck his big dick, but wouldn’t fuck her. He was too much of a fucking wimp to even go for it. He was scared he would cause brain or body damage to the baby.

We pulled up to Sweetheart Park and got out, and as we walked up to the lake and sat down on one of the benches, watching the sun shine on the large lake that was in front of us, watching the cubs and kittens across from us at the playground have fun while their mommies and daddies watched them from the shade of the picnic pagodas.  We pulled the sandwiches and cookies out of the white paper bag, relaxing under the shaded bench as we ate and talked.  If we didn’t talk about the new movies that we wanted to see, we was talking about the concert that was happening tonight. Me and her were huge Tokio Hotel fans. She loved Tom and Gustav, I loved Bill and Georg. But then again, we both loved them all.  We even played a game for cookies. We would take a cookie and play “Finish the Lyric.” If either of us got it right, the reward was a cookie I pulled a warm  chocolate chip cookie out of the bag and said …

“Ok,Singa. Complete this lyric for a cookie. “Against the Love, Against the Fight, Against the Sun….” “

“Against the Night?”

“You’re right!” I said, putting the cookie in her hand as she took a bite. We couldn’t stop giggling from it all. Then she picked a cookie up and said…

“Ok. My turn. “Silence can destroy…Get up and raise your voice…” “

“Make some Noise!” I said.

“You are so right! This time, open your mouth.” Singa said, holding the cookie up.

I opened my mouth as she fed it to me. The cookie was so warm and delicious….The gooey chocolate chips made it hard for me to talk, but it was so good…after taking a sip of my drink, I was finally able to talk, but I still had some chocolate on my lips…Which I wiped off with a napkin.

We continued through a few more songs…Rescue Me, Dogs Unleashed, Ich Bin Nicht Ich,  Schrei, and even zoom into me….Until we only had one more cookie left.  Looking at each other, we decided to break it in half and each of us taking a piece without playing the game.

With a sigh, Singa asked me…

“Destiny…Do you ever think I’ll find the one for me?”

“Totally, Si. I mean…Just because you made that one mistake four years ago, doesn’t mean you’ll make another one this time. You’ve learned from your mistake and you’re ready to move on and find a new guy…or girl to be with. I’ve got confidence in you, hun. You’ll make some lucky guy or girl very happy. I mean it. And that’s just not me talking as a friend, but as someone you can trust that has known you ever since we were both learning how to use the potty. Just keep your head up and you’ll find that one person you were destined to be with. Just don’t let it get you down. Ok?” I said to her, wrapping my arms around and just gave her a nice warm hug.

“Thanks, Destiny. I’m just a bit afraid I might mess up like I did last time. But thanks for cheering me up. I know I won’t mess up this time.” Singa said, giving me a hug as well.

We finished our lunch and got back in the car, but not before this creepy guy walked up to me, asking for my purse.

“Hey there, dollface…You’ve got a nice looking purse…Mind if I take it?” the guy said.

“Hell no. Go buy your own if you want one. I’m not giving mine up. So you can just go fuck yourself.”

“Wrong answer, bitch. Looks like if you’re not gonna give it to me, I’ll just have to take from you. By force. ” He walked up to me and reached a dirty and scarred up looking hand out to try and snatch the purse out from under my arm.

The guy was a total pig. Literally. He had some tattoos on his arms, a Teardrop on his ugly face and even his curly tail had a piercing on it.  With a crooked smile on his lips and a long switchblade in his hand, he knocked Singa down and started to chase after me.  I tossed my purse to my best friend and just ran. He called his gang over to try and hunt me down.

“Destiny! Run! I’ll go get help!” Singa yelled after me, jumping into her car and pulled out to go find a policeman that could be in the area.

“What do you think I’m doing!?” I yelled back, kicking my shoes off and holding them as I started running.

He and his gang of ugly-looking Pot-bellied Pig-guys laughed, snorted and hollered while they chased after me on their bikes, trying to catch me through the whole park, I ran as fast as my long Mau legs could let me go, looking behind my back every few minutes  to make sure they didn’t catch up to me….

“Hoo-Wee! We’re gonna catch you, you little bitch! And after we catch you, we’re gonna rough you up, Rape you, and even make you our little pet!” One of the creeps said with a snorting-laugh. Just hearing what they were gonna do to me just made it even worse.

“Why do you want me?! I have no value to you! I’m just a masseuse! Leave me alone!” I yelled out, flipping them off as I ran.

“That’s the point! We’re looking for one, and we ain’t talking about giving a regular massage…We want someone to fuck us and suck us until we can’t take it!” the leader of the group said, laughing so loud…it made me want to vomit. I could smell his foul breath from all the way over to where I was at.

My heart leaped into my throat as I ran through the park, over the ditches, through the playground, across the pagoda in the middle of the lake, through the outdoor theater, all the way to the nature trail… and that’s where I couldn’t run anymore…Normally I could run the whole park about twice and be done, but today…Because I was so scared of being raped, hurt and because of the adrenaline that was pumping through me, I couldn’t go any further. As I ran into the nature trail, I found the learning center that the little kids went to during the weekend, and just hid behind it.  My legs hurt so much from all the running I did… It was painful to breathe. My shaky and sweaty body just gave out on me, as I sat down and tried to catch my breath. I was safe. For now. That is, if one of the smelly bikers didn’t tell the leader where I was hiding….This guy spotted me from all the way through the trees. I’m guessing it was a bad idea to hide behind an open-wooded area.

I tried getting up and running, but I was so exhausted…My skinny legs couldn’t run anymore. The bikers got off their big, smelly bikes and found me. The leader came up to me with a long knife and started cutting my dress down the middle, exposing my black lace bra and panties that clung to my dress from the sweat. Two of his friends pinned me to the wall as he jerked his jeans down, exposing his long, stinky dick….I didn’t want to even touch it! The only one I wanted to touch, suck and fuck was at his house, waiting for tomorrow…I wanted him to go away…

“Get her on her knees, boys…I’m gonna have some fun with this whore before we REALLY have some fun with her!” the leader said…His name was “Tiger”, as his friends called him.

The  blackish pink-colored pig-woman on the left side hit me in the stomach, knocking me to my knees as Tiger poked his cock at my lips…I turned my head away as I struggled against their grip…I even screamed until one of them got an Open-mouthed gag and put it on my face…making me unable to scream correctly…and the guy on the right held my head up, as Tiger shoved his cock inside my mouth…It was so stinky…I couldn’t take the smell…It smelled like a landfill mixed with sewage water! He put his hands on my head and face-fucked me… his cock going hard in my mouth, his hard length just choking me every time he shoved it in deep…I did not enjoy it at all….he gripped my long black ponytail hard as he went, going harder and deeper…Even making me deep-throat it as well…He was so disgusting…The females enjoyed it, but not me! He face-raped my throat and mouth until he pulled the gag off and just jerked off in front of my face…long streams of hot cum just splashing on my face and chest as the girls and guys started getting undressed as the two people that held my arms tossed me to the side, getting ready to give me a full treatment….And that was my chance. I got up and ran, crying as they looked at me running away from the smelly orgy that was going to happen…

The female that held me down noticed me running away, pointing out towards the trail I was running along, giving off a loud yell.

“Hey! The little whore is getting away! Get her!”

As I ran, they started chasing me again on their bikes, screaming and yelling at me to come back and take the treatment they were gonna give me…I turned around and flipped them off again as the rocks in my feet were cutting into me, making me bleed a bit…it hurt, but I kept going. That is, until I tripped over a large sized stone and flew off the trail, flying through the air right into a very deep pond….as I held my breath, I landed into the cool water, the rocks in my feet falling off and healing my wounds with a mysterious feel to it, the cum that was on my face was washing off of me, just fading off slowly….The bikers saw what happened and laughed, getting off their bikes and looked down at the pond, my white jacket-shirt floating to the top of the water.

“Looks like she hid somewhere…She lost her shirt in the water! Spread out and search for the bitch!” Tiger yelled, his gang spreading out into the woods, rubbing the bulging hard-on that was forming in his pants. “We’ll find her…and I’ll fuck her so hard, she’ll be begging for more!”

I couldn’t hear what he said, because I was too deep inside the pond, swimming around to find a place to hide, until I was  going towards a bright red light that was coming from a mysterious cave…I swam down lower and lower as the mysterious lake started repairing my dress, swimming towards the cave as I followed the light…It felt like a long time until I swam inside, the darkness enveloping my body…the only light I saw was the light from the mysterious source…

I was lucky I could hold my breath for a while…but it started becoming more and more difficult to keep it up…My lungs were burning, heart was racing like crazy, my limbs were so sore… the cave stretched on for miles…and it was almost hard for me to breathe… but I was so glad when I saw an air pocket…But it wasn’t just an air pocket…It was an opening to something that I would never have thought existed…The Shrine of Aphrodite. 

When I got to the surface, my eyes opened wide with awe when as I saw the huge cave with the ancient temple-like city before me…Catching my breath, I climbed out of the large pond that I was in, shaking the water off my fur as I put my shoes back on…My wounds and clothing were mysteriously fixed…there were no tears in the clothing…or blood on my feet…and no stinky pig-cum on my face either….

“What is this place? It looks so….Beautiful…Mysterious…and yet so….Familiar…Did I see this in a dream? It just feels so…familiar to me….and I don’t know why….Maybe if I walk around a bit, i can figure out what drew me here…” I wondered to myself as I walked into the city….The place looked kind of like Rome with its columns and archways…..

Everything around me was lit up by a mysterious blue flame that came from these large heart-shaped stone torches, the marble pillars and the stone buildings looked untouched by time, not a crack or a dent in the workings, not even a fissure in the pillar or a large opening in the side of the houses…it looked so pretty….I just wanted to touch them to feel the coolness against my hands….The buildings that were around me had really lovely sets of pottery and clothing, sometimes even untouched bags of grain or broken furniture in the houses…But something was drawing me towards the main temple in this place…The large temple that looked just like Zeus’s place…Which I cannot remember the name of the place to save my life. There was just some sort of energy that was taking me straight towards the building…Something…enchanting…

I walked up to the steps…and took my shoes off, holding them in my hands again as I walked upwards, the cool marble steps were so soothing…

“Wow…everything looks so pretty from up here…But…Enough of that. I’ve got to go see what led me here in the first place…I saw that mysterious pink-colored light that led me down here…and on the way here I almost passed out from lack of air…But what the fuck ever. Let’s see what’s in this place.” I said, reaching the top of the steps, placing my shoes back on and walked inside.

When I stepped inside, the torches lit up with that mysterious blue flame again, all of the star and moon shaped stone torches on the walls just lit up with the same blue flame as I walked down the hall, the floor was covered with a red and gold velvet carpeting…almost like a royal red-carpet…but it felt like a tapestry to me, along with large vases with fresh-looking flowers…The walls with their stone torches, also had vines hanging down all around the room, each one either had grapes hanging from them or beautiful reddish-pink flowers that were in bloom…The whole place was like it had been frozen in time…by some strange force.  I didn’t understand what kept this place frozen in time at all…Was it a spirit that dwelled here for centuries to keep a treasure safe? Was it a demon that stayed underground for millions of years to wreak havoc upon the earth? Was it just untouched by time because of a higher power? I walked up to the golden throne, which was adorned with beautiful gemstones and a pink silk cushioned back and seat, placing a hand down to feel the fabric…it felt so good against my hand…It felt so good, that I decided to sit down and rest my sore and aching limbs…It felt like I was sitting on a cloud, the softness was taking my body over…I just wanted to take a nap right there, but I couldn’t. 

“Mein gott…Das ist so geil…” I said to myself…Which in German, means…”My god, this is so cool…” It felt like my pain was leaving my body as I sat there…I stayed there for a good while, but… the strange power was still drawing me towards the mysterious room behind the throne.  I stood up and walked behind the throne, scratching my left ear a bit in curiosity as my tails wrapped around my waist, head tilting a bit.

“What in the hell is in here? I’m still wondering where the fuck I am already…” I mumbled as I walked into the mysterious room, a bright pink light blinding my eyes. There were no torches lit up in here…It was pitch black as I walked toward the pink light…the glare giving me such a fucking headache….It hurt like hell as I kept walking down the long hall, until the light faded….and a trap door opened.


And with those words, I fell down into the trap door with a loud scream, my body landing on a cold stone slide….it hurt when I landed, but I slid down it….the torches lighting up on the way down, my fear growing inside my heart again…this slide took me all the way down to another opening…which was more of the slide, twisting and turning even more…the more I went down the slide, the more I wanted to puke from the motion sickness.

“Where is this damn thing taking me?!” I said as the slide threw me off at the end, landing in another torch-lit room, similar to the throne room I was in earlier.

“Ouch! Fuck! What the hell was that about?!” and when I looked up…my jaw dropped.

This place was different than the room I was in earlier. In the middle of the room, was a lovely stone pedestal that held in the middle of a gold colored bust; a Black-colored leather collar that had a beautiful heart-shaped ruby in the middle, a Sapphire diamond on the left side of the ruby, and an Emerald diamond on the right side. I got up and dusted myself off yet again. I walked up to the pedestal and reached a hand out to touch the collar…until I heard a voice call out in a booming tone…

“Whomever is in this room, State your name…To see if you are worthy of touching such a treasure such as this!”

I flinched back, scared out of my mind again…wondering who said that.

“Who are you? Who said that?”

“I will say my name when you say yours.”

“M…My name is Destiny Minx…I just wanted to see the collar a bit closer….I’m sorry if I disturbed you….” I said, freaked out of my mind…hoping I would get an answer real quick…which I did. The voice was calmer this time.

My Name is Aphrodite, Destiny. I’ve been waiting for you to arrive for centuries.”

When those words were spoken, a strange spirit appeared in front of me…She was so beautiful when she took human form…She was about 6’1”, wearing a beautiful opal white and gold robe with a rose-colored stone clasp that held it up on one shoulder, that accentuated her natural curves and medium-shaped breasts…She wore very thin sandals on her feet and had no makeup on her face, except for a small bit of light red eye-shadow and naturally pink lips, Her dirty blonde hair was up in a very high ponytail, keeping any strands out of her blue eyes….She waved her hand as a stone bench appeared behind me, motioning for me to sit down.

“It is so nice to finally meet you, Destiny…”


“W…Who are you again, miss…um…” I said, still a bit spooked.

I am Aphrodite. The Goddess of Love, Beauty, and even…Sexuality. You may call me Venus.  I see that you are still a bit scared from your previous battle, am I right?”  She said, sitting down next to me, petting my ears to calm my body down.

“Yes…But…How did you know about that? It was all the way up there…And you’re…down here…” I said, confused out of my mind.

“I have been keeping an eye on you ever since you had become of age, my dear. Haven’t you’ve noticed the strange snowy owl in your cherry blossom tree every evening?”

I did recall the sight of a small white snow owl in my cherry blossom tree every night I came home from work…Which really got me thinking. Why would a snow owl be peeking in on me?

”I see you are still confused. That was me. I was the mysterious snow owl in the tree…Keeping a  watch ever since you had turned eighteen a few years ago.  I followed you around the town. Making sure you didn’t get hurt…until your instincts led you here to me.  You see, my dear…Inside you…Is the spirit of my dearest and best friend…Her name was Serena. Serena was a fighter…A warrior, even though she barely fought. She always kept me safe…Until the fateful day…in which it all changed.”


“Oh…What happened, Venus?”

She waved her hand, and before me was a bowl of water…She motioned for me to look inside it, only seeing my reflection until she touched the water with a slender hand, the image changing to a battle…Many voices were coming into my mind as I looked into the liquid, curious to know what had happened so many years ago.

“Serena! Serena! You get your butt over here now…You’ve caused a huge mess now…The emperor wants your head on a silver platter because of what you had done!” a young man’s voice rang out….it was a roman guard…pissed off beyond normal levels.

What had happened was, Serena was a fortune teller to the emperor of Rome that had come all the way from Egypt, telling the ruler’s fortune and predictions every day…She wore a mysterious black crocodile-skin cloak that resembled a cape…Her clothing was from Rome, and it was made of tanned and dyed leather that came from the tannery, fashioned into an outfit that resembled a Dominatrix’s suit, The top was a Black and red corset, tied together with camels-hair ropes colored black…it had an open area at the top for her medium-sized breasts to be shown just a little bit, and the bottoms resembled underwear, but had a long Tuxedo-like tail at the end that went all the way down to her ankles…her arms were covered in the same leather, but the gloves were fingerless. Her legs were covered in black Leather boots, laced with the same rope… and upon her face, were a mask that only covered her eyes, yet she could see out of the black and white leather that on the outside, looked like it obstructed her vision…. But on her right side, was a strange looking red colored bag, the outside looked tattered and worn…But inside, it was different. Inside this bag, was a mysterious energy that was infinite…which would allow her to store many things inside it like her scrolls and weapons.

One day, she told the emperor that there would be a great drought when the sun would be at its highest…that would cause the land to dry up and make it unable to grow any crops. She said she had read it using the stars, using Astronomy to calculate if any rain was going to come. Then she said that the kingdom’s best warrior would be slain in battle against a Cyclops. And finally, she said that someone in the palace would turn on him and attempt to kill him as well. (If you try to ask me the name of the guy, I couldn’t tell you.)

The next morning, the drought came….But it was short lived. Rain had come within the same hour she had predicted.  After it stopped raining, a strong looking gladiator named Percival (common name isn’t it?) was supposed to be killed in a coliseum fight against a Cyclops…And yet it didn’t happen. He had killed the creature instead. And the final one almost came true…All because of Serena and her Sleepwalking problem which she had no idea what caused it in the first place. She had a bit of Narcolepsy caused from a curse that was placed upon her, but it also made her sleepwalk. While the emperor was at his throne, speaking to his subjects that had gathered to hear him speak about the victory….Serena took a nap. Halfway into the speech, she woke up and started sleepwalking again. She opened her bag and reached in, pulling out an archaic looking dagger that had an asp on the hilt.

And as I stand here before you, my subjects…I would like to announce, Percival Melodicus Solarium, is now our city’s champion…and will be leaving very soon on a journey to Jerusalem to find his family and let them know of his victory!”

The crowd under the balcony cheered, until Serena got behind the emperor…dagger aloft…ready to kill…And it wasn’t until a lady in the crowd spotted her with the dagger in her hand, close to his neck…ready to slice it open…screamed out…

“Emperor!!! Watch out!


Serena nicked his neck a bit; the Woman’s scream woke her up from her trance-like state. Blood ran down the neck of the emperor as he clutched his throat, the small cut was bleeding heavily onto his hand, dripping onto his white robes… She dropped her dagger, stepping back with her jaw dropped….as she ran out of the emperor’s palace, about 10 guards were chasing after her, helmets, Shields and swords aloft.

“What did I just do…Did I just try…to kill him?…No…I…I have to get out of here!”

I kept looking into the water; my eyes were wide at the sight of what was going on. I noticed Serena arrive at the temple, racing up the steps and into Aphrodite’s throne room…

“Aphrodite…You’ve got to help me…I just nearly killed the emperor…I don’t know how!”


“Serena…Calm down…Explain what happened.”


After a while, Here we are at this moment. Aphrodite had seen the guards chase her friend into the same room I was in…going down the same stone slide I did…and the room I was in had no exit. She was cornered. My eyes saw what happened next…Three of the guards pinned her to the wall, took away her bag….as another guard walked up to her…his sword up at her throat.

“Miss Serena…You know the law…Attempted murder…Is punishable by death. Do you have any last words before we execute you?”


“Yes….I’ve got three. Go. Fuck. Yourself.”


And with that, he stepped back and slit her throat with a well-aimed slash. Blood ran down her neck, onto the floor…and with one final breath…she screamed…

A….Aphrodite…Avenge me!”


Aphrodite appeared before the guards, using her powers on them to slay all ten of the warriors in her friend’s name with a Thunderbolt from Zeus…Killing all of them with a loud yell.  She turned around and kneeled down, using her power to drain the blood away from the body…and repaired the long cut on her friend’s neck….Tears poured from her face as she spoke….

”Serena…Your heart was brave and true…You kept me safe for all these years…and now you are taken from me…Your soul is still intact somehow…so I will do this. I will seal your soul away into your favorite collar…and keep your body within the jewel that I wear on my robe…For you will inherit the body of the next person that has your warrior spirit…your kindness…and your skills of observation. Serena…I love you as a friend…and as a warrior. May your body be safe within this jewel, and your soul be safe in your new form.”   


She took the Heart-shaped jewel off her rose-colored clasp, and placed her hand on her friend’s chest, raising it up to extract the soul from her body… using her power to seal the body within the jewel that was in her hand. Then she placed the jewel on the collar, using her energy to attach it onto the leather. The pink-colored soul in her hand disappeared with a whisper.

“Goodbye, my friend. We will meet again soon…When your soul is combined with the one you seek.”

I looked up from the bowl of water…crying a bit from the tragic scene that I had just seen. I put the bowl next to my feet…sobbing hard onto the cold stone floor as Venus calmed me down again.

“I…I can’t believe that happened….They killed her because of her almost Sleep-killing the emperor…Why must stuff like this happen to innocent people?! She didn’t mean to attempt that! It was because of her problem! Why couldn’t they stop her?!” I cried, trying to catch my breath again.

You cannot fix what you did not start….She couldn’t control herself while she was asleep. And it was because of that, she was killed. But now…her soul is in your body…Keeping her memory alive…And because of that…You deserve to become who she once was.”

And with that…She waved her hand again….The collar coming off it’s gold bust and straight towards me, landing in my hands. The feel of the leather was nice…even though I was into Faux Leather instead. I looked at my reflection in the heart-shaped jewel…the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald were just shining in the firelight….

She gave me a nod, the collar unbuckling for me to put it on. I put it on around my small neck, buckling it through the right loop. It felt good…but then I felt a sharp jolt through my body, giving me a bit of pain as I felt a strange energy flow through me…as Venus put her hand on my head, whispering…

“Now…Say the words…Power of Love, Power of Beauty…Open my Heart, and set me free.”


“P…Power of Love…Power of Beauty…Open my Heart…And Set me Free!” I yelled as my body was being shocked with the energy, a bright, warm light covering my body as Serena’s body merged with mine, our hearts becoming one…our minds merging as her leather-clad body became mine. Her Dominatrix-like outfit took the place of my sundress and jacket, merging around my two tails… her gloves and boots took the place of my bracelets and heels…A black and white mask appeared on my eyes as a cloak attached to my collar, and the tattered bag that she had transformed into a Heart-shaped purse-like bag which appeared on my shoulder, the strap going across my chest and rested on my right hip. My hair was already up in a ponytail as a black ribbon tied around the hair-tie that kept my hair up. Venus took her hand off my head, stepping back.

Destiny…Open your eyes and take a look at who you are now.”


I opened my eyes, the mask that was on my face allowed me to see…as I looked down and saw my new form….taking the gloves off to feel the leather against my hands….I felt the leather top covering my breasts and groin…the boots upon my feet…the cloak around my shoulders….the collar around my neck….It was all so…Different to me…I felt like I was a Super heroine….like in a comic book, but it was real.

“What happened to me, Venus? What did you do to me?” I said, looking up at her.

“Destiny…You have merged with Serena’s body and Soul…Becoming Serena herself. You are now a proud warrior…Ready to take upon any challenge that comes your way. What do you think of your new form?”

“I like it. It kind of brings out my inner Dominatrix.” I said, taking the bag off my shoulder and looked inside. “Um…There’s nothing in here….” As I looked into the darkness…she made a gesture for me to reach in. When I reached in, my hand grabbed a black and gold leather whip…pulling it out of the infinite abyss within the bag.  “Nevermind….”

“The bag was created from the magic of the goddesses Artemis and I. We made it so that Serena could carry all of her belongings without any problems. All she carried inside was her weapons, potions and traps.”


“Wow….” I said, cracking the whip. “How can I thank you, Venus?”

“By going back up and taking care of your enemies. I will be watching over you from now on in case you need me. But keep it secret. I don’t want anyone else to know about what had happened until the time is right.” She said, waving her hand over me, sending me back to the pond I had fallen into before. I stared into it, looking at my new form….

“I will, Venus. I’ll keep the secret safe.” I whispered to myself.


“Hey! Lookie what I found, boss!  I found our new Sex Slave! Git over here!” I heard one of the bikers yell out, spotting my new form.

“Oh, Scheisse.” I said, rolling my eyes. Tiger and his gang found me, chuckling as the leader walked up to me, grabbing me by the neck and breathed out a foul stench from his snout.  It looked like he had taken a bath in garbage again before he started his search.

“Well, Well, Well….Lookie what we have here. Our little bitch has a new costume….Why don’tcha tell us your name before we start violatin’ that lovely body of yours?” Tiger laughed, his breath gagging me a bit.

I thought for a bit…Since my form was Dominatrix-like…and my Ankle birthmark was of the Japanese Kanji for “Cat”…and the Japanese word for cat is “Neko…” With a sharp kick to his balls, I freed myself from his grip. “My name…Is DomiNeko. And I’m your worst nightmare.” I said, catching my breath.

“Gah! Git her! No one messes with Tiger and gets away with it! I don’t care what you do to her, but make sure she doesn’t git away!” Tiger said, falling to one knee as he grabbed his crotch, trying to catch his breath. His gang ran up to me, flicking their switchblades out…pulling their guns out of their holsters, and slipped on different sizes of brass knuckles. There were about 5 women and 5 men, including Tiger himself…11 people were out to kill me.

“Damn it…What to do….” I said, looking down at the whip in my hand. I looked at all 10 gang members in front of me…and cracked the whip hard. “Get any closer….I’ll kill you.”

“With a Whip? I’ve had worse!” Said one of the females, knife in hand. She got so close to me…I snapped the knife out of her hand, the whip grabbing it and handing it to me…and with that…I jumped over her head, landing on my feet and put the knife to her throat.

The nine remaining members flinched as they saw me with the knife in my hand at the woman’s throat. “Get any closer and she dies! I mean it!” I was thinking “What the hell am I doing! I can’t kill her!” But I had no choice. They got closer and closer to me…and my body took over…with one slash of the knife, I slit the woman’s throat. Blackish red blood spilled out of her neck as she fell down.

“Dottie! You bitch…You killed my girlfriend!” a big black pig-guy said, running towards me with a gun in his hand, firing off a few shots that missed me as I dodged the bullets landing at my feet. “Stand still so I can get a good shot at that pretty chest of yours!”

He fired off more and more shots, all of them missing me as I reached inside the bag again, pulling out a gold orb-like bomb….tossing it right at the guy, which exploded into a Lotus-tie trap, tying him up and knocking him down to the ground, firing off one more shot that hit the guy right behind him.  “Whoa….What in the…..” I said as two of the females ran at me, both of them were gonna punch me in the face! I ducked as they punched each other in the snout, which allowed me to steal the knives from both of them…slashing them both in the legs, making them unable to walk or chase me.

When I turned around, two of the remaining guys were running side by side at me, guns in hand. They fired off many rounds at me…until I had an idea. Twirling the whip like a propeller, the bullets deflected off the whip and back to them, striking both men in the chest, and another one killed the guy that was tied up as well when it struck him in the head. The remaining two women and single guy ran away onto their bikes, leaving Tiger alone in pain.

“Y…You cowards! When I git back, You three are dead! DEAD!!!” Tiger yelled until he saw me, towering over him. “Ehehehehehe….Are you sure we can’t talk this out like civilized people?” he said  nervously, still in pain.

“There’s nothing to say. Even though I will never kill an innocent…And I’ve killed most of your group….There is only one thing you deserve.” I said, taking the knife that was still in my hand…as I pinned him down with another one of those weird bombs that transformed into another Lotus Tie Trap. I exposed his dick….and cut it off along with his balls.  He squealed in pain, crying as I tossed his manhood behind my head. “You don’t deserve a dick. Have fun being a woman, you pig.”

I walked away, going back up the rocky hill to the gravel trail again. Halfway in my trip back to the park where Singa was supposed to be, Venus appeared in her spirit form with a warm smile.

“I forgot to say, to return to your previous form…Just say “Venus, Release me.” And I will allow you to become your true form once more. And I was right in having Serena inhabit your body. I will see you soon, Destiny.” She said as she faded away, transforming into a snowy owl and flying away.

“Venus…Release me.” I said, returning to my previous form as a few SexuaCity Squad cars appeared on the trail,  Singa getting out and hugging me tight.

“Destiny! Are you ok!? Are you hurt?! Did they get you?!” Singa said, freaking out.

“Yeah. I’m alright. The bikers lost my trail, but I found most of them dead when I was trying to get back.” I said, holding her tight.  We took a ride back up to her car when she handed me my cell phone, a Text was on the screen. It was from Bertha.

“Hey, Destiny. Yeah, the big guy is closing the shop early tonight. Turns out his wife is in labor already. So, I’m going to get ready for later. Got two tix to that Humanoid City concert from some guy at the bar.- Bertha.”

“Knowing her luck, they’re fake.” Me and Singa laughed. We went to Singa’s apartment and relaxed, not noticing my new collar yet. Hours went by as we sat and watched movies together, until it was almost time to go to the concert. She had my costume there already, picking it up from my house before she found me. What a friend.

Me and Singa went into her bedroom, and started to get dressed. I dressed up as Bill from 2008, Black Lion mane hair…Which was my hair just teased with hairspray…Singa did my makeup and helped me get my fake Star and Freiheit89 Tattoo on. I kept my collar on as I put on some rings and some bracelets.  She put on a dirty blonde Dreadlocked wig and put it up in a ponytail, putting the bunched up dreads through the back of a baseball cap, and put on a clip-on Lip ring on her bottom lip just like Tom. Me and her dressed up as Bill and Tom from 2008 to show our love.

We got to the concert on time, taking our first Meet and Greet picture with Bill and the guys…And they were flattered that we dressed up as their past-selves. Tom and Gustav was laughing a bit when they saw that I had two tails, but Georg was too busy wondering why Tom and Gustav were laughing in the first place. Bill gave me a wink as he even signed my Black Affliction t-shirt with a silver marker, as well as Tom. Georg and Gustav signed Singa’s shirt as they gave us a tight hug. We walked in as Bill whispered to us…

“Enjoy the concert, ladies. “….In German!

We got up in the front row and stood there…cheering with excitement as the whole Delta Stadium was filled up to capacity!  We were so lucky to get there early! The stage was set…A large Egg-like structure was right there on the stage….Millions of girls (and guys) were cheering for the show to start. The “World behind my Wall” Remix was playing to keep us entertained. And after it ended….We saw the lights dim in the building….and lights were turned on around the egg as a voice said…

Tokio Hotel…..HUMANOID….”

Everyone cheered as the intro to “Noise” started up, the egg opening slowly as the music kicked on…smoke rising from the stage as the music got louder…and when the right moment kicked on…Pyro exploded from the front, every time the beat reached that one part…Bill walked out of the bottom of the egg, singing the first lines.

“There are Days,

When you feel so small…

When you know,

You could feel so tall…”

He walked out in that spiky-looking jacket, Sunglasses, bodysuit with nice looking boots, and his hair slicked back a bit, creating that nice looking poof that just made him look amazing. We watched Tom play on his guitar, swinging his cornrowed braids a bit…Georg rocking out on his bass, and Gustav banging away on his drums. We giggled when we saw Tom’s Guitargasm and his crazy-ass dancing, moaned a bit when Bill sang “Human Connect to Human” and cried when they were playing “Zoom into Me”….it was amazing….and do you know where that Coyote-bitch was at? Way in the back. Almost at the exit! Oops!  The entire setlist was in English…except for “Hunde” and “Sonnensystem”.  We enjoyed every minute of it. It was worth waiting a whole year for. Before we left, Bill said “Thank you so much! We are so looking forward to the next time we come to SexuaCity and rock out again! Good night!”, giving a bow to the crowd as Georg and Tom splashed water everywhere, and Gustav threw drumsticks into the crowd as well, a few girls catching them.

When we left the venue, we went straight to The Cherry Bomb and changed our clothes there.  Thank god Singa had a friend that worked there as well, opening the bar for her while we were gone. The big, crimson red colored building (that looks like a big-ass penis from an aerial view) was already filling up to hear Neurario and Furrett’s Trancecore/Gabber set.  But before that, Furrett had gone into the back with two hot-looking wolf guys…slinking into one of the five rooms as they got down to business.

“What are your names?” The beige-colored ferret said to the wolves.

“I’m Luca and this is my brother Reala. We’re known as the Yin-Yang Wolves.” The White-colored wolf said, introducing himself and his Black-colored counterpart. The Luca guy was the same one I worked on….Turns out he was Bi, and had left his girlfriend alone for the day.

“Nice to meet both of you. Call me Furrett. Got any fetishes I need to know of?”

“I’m into Soft Vore…and Double Penetration.” Reala said.

“Just straight up Bondage for me….” Luca said as he walked up to the crimson-colored cabinet…pulling out a long blue dildo….

Then he shoved the ferret over onto his knees as Luca bent down, lifting his tail up and started licking the tight pink tail-hole that was in front of him slowly with his long tongue, releasing a soft moan from the ferret…keeping Furrett’s fluffy tail up as that tongue slipped inside his hole, lubing it up as Luca overheard him moan even louder….feeling that tongue lick all around as he pulled it out….giving a nod to Reala as his Shadow-colored brother got up from his seat, stroking his long 15” cock slowly as he walked up to their prey…grabbing the striped ferret tail in his free hand, he sucked on the tip slowly…taking the tail in deeper and deeper within….swallowing the tail whole…feeling it wiggle down his throat as he stroked his cock more…feeling the sexual rush from swallowing the sexy ferret’s tail down…

Luca took the dildo and put it in front of Furrett. “Suck on that for a while until we’re ready….”

The ferret was already nice and hard from the Soft Vore Reala was giving him…He sat up and licked the blue dildo up and down with a pleased moan…tasting the fruity flavored lube that was on it…then started sucking on the tip as Luca slipped a finger inside his tailhole, rubbing at his prostate a bit as he held his own 17” cock in his hand…stroking himself while Luca rubbed his own 14” cock, stimulating his prey at the same time, slipping two then three fingers inside, stretching his hole even more as he started going in faster and faster…deeper and deeper inside, then went ahead and shoved his whole fist up inside, making Furrett scream in pleasure, as Reala spit the fluffy tail up and out of his mouth….replacing the dildo with his own 15” cock…while Furrett had his mouth open in ecstasy, Reala put his dick inside and started watching Furrett go at it, his long tongue going up and down the hard length, slipping his hot and wet mouth over the shaft, sucking it down hard while Luca slipped his hand out, replacing it with his hard and dripping dick…shoving it all inside as Furrett let out a huge moan, feeling Luca thrust inside his ass quickly, his hardness being clenched tight around his hole as he bent down, stroking Furrett’s dick at the same time while he thrust in hard…Reala put his hands on the ferret’s brown-haired head and bobbed it up and down faster and deeper…. Both wolf-men howled as they released themselves deep inside their prey’s throat and ass….

That’s all I saw…because after an hour, they came out of the room, cleaned up and dressed in their regular clothing…Jeans, T-shirts and Sneakers…watching Furrett get Reala’s number as he met his Trancecore partner, Neurario…an Orange-Black colored Wolf that was dressed in a nice T-Shirt and black jeans with cool looking sneakers on. I sat back at the bar with Singa, enjoying a nice bottle of water together as we watched the two start their set, the killer-sounding beats blasting through the whole club as we watched everyone on the dancefloor just jam out to the beat, rocking out the many tracks they had set up for the night…Whether it was Gabber, Trancecore, Nekomimi-Breakcore, or even their own mixes, it was amazing. But we didn’t know about the three shadowed creatures at the corner of the bar, talking amongst themselves.

So, She’s the one?”


“Yeah. Just like the boss said…The Bisexual bitch at the bar…the one with the collar…”


“She’ll learn…She may have defeated the biker gang we hired…but we’ll show her that we don’t like her kind. We’ll drive every single one of them crazy…and we’ll show them…We don’t like anyone who loves the same sex….Dr. Nightmare will be happy we found the girl…Maybe he’ll let us kill her soon?”


“Don’t know. But let’s keep it quiet.”


And with that, the day had ended as the three mysterious figures had left the bar.


Who were the mysterious three at the bar? And who was this Dr. Nightmare person that they mentioned? We’ll find out in Chapter 2: A Nightmare Begins.