Costumes for DomiNeko and her Team

DomiNeko’s Suit (Her Boots)  (What she wears to transform, but Hers is Black Leather, with a Pink Heart-Shaped Stone in the middle, and a Diamond on either side)  (Her Skirt, But it is more open, and looks like Tuxedo Tails) (New Outfit, Shown in Chapter 3)* Venus tells her about Serena’s Other forms.

(But Cat-ears are still shown, Part of her Chapter 3 outfit) (Original w/o Sleeves and Is full Leather; Middle part is not Circular, but Heart-Shaped) (Final Form, Seen in Chapter 25, But is Solid Black, Middle is Heart-shaped) (duh…For her Two Tails.) her Belt (But Red),1996 (Her Cape, But has no hood. Black/Red),289&GEN1=Celestial+Realms&T1=P132742&dispRow=0&srccode= (her Earrings) (Her Mask But Black, No one sees her eyes with this on)

Weapons (for Now) Cat-o-Nine Tails Flogger (Black and Gold) (Black and Pink, But with sharp spikes on the tip)- Default weapon)

(Bondage Bombs)

Mistress Melody’s Suit (Original But Pink/Black),1996
(Her Cape, No Hood, Always Red/Black.) (Has a Red Diamond Star in the middle, w/a Pink Diamond on the left and a White Diamond on the right; Her Transformation Item) (See Rubber Stockings) (Seen in Chapter 15,but it’s Black/red, not Red/Black.) (Final Form, but is bright red) (Same bottoms for Original Suit)
(Her Mask But it’s Pink/Black w/Original Form, Bright Red in Final Form)

Weapons (for now),289&GEN1=Celestial+Realms&T1=P25622&dispRow=0&srccode= (Default Weapon) (Gold/Black W/ Eroti-Dart Arrows)


Icepaw* Seen in Chapter 7 (Full Silver w/Bright Silver Stripes on Arms/Legs)- Original (Silver, No Stripes but instead, Sleeveless) (Seen on him w/Final Form)

Weapons: (for now) (Transforms into Necklace when Not in Use)

DigiDiva (Full, but with Green Lace; Original) (Green/Black, Seen in Chapter 21) Form, Seen in Final Chapter- 25)

Weapons (For now) (It’s acutally a Fire/Ice Scythe. When used, It can turn the enemy into a Frozen fireball or Trap them within a block of Frozen Fire) (Seen in Chapter 17) (Final Form)


Novapaw *Seen in Chapter 7 (Black w/ No Sleeves- Original) (full suit, Seen in Chapter 15 ) (Transformation Item, Transforms into a Necklace when not in use)

Weapons (for now) (Main weapon, Fires Fire/Ice Needles) (His Shield can transform into this when needed)


Weapons (for now) (Default Weapon, 12 Ft Tall Staff (Not Wand), Detaches to become a Grappling hook/Nunchuck Set),1974 (The Necklace the Staff transforms from, Also his Transformation Item)