Name: Alexander Kenneth Ness/Dr.Nightmare
Age:  42
Orientation: Straight 
Status: Single
Species: Sapphire Scaled Dragon
Eye/Hair/Fur/Scales/Feathers: Gold/None/Sapphire colored Scales
Occupation: Evil Scientists
Loves: Seeing People Miserable,Wine,Music,and Straight people
Hates:  Anyone who gets in his way,Anyone who is Bi/Gay/Lesbian/Trans.

Name: Samantha Marie Michales/LadyKiller
Age: 26
Orientation: Straight 
Status: Single
Species: Barn Owl
Eye/Hair/Fur:  Gold/Red/Brown Feathers
Occupation:  Henchwoman
Loves: Straight Men,Music,The finer things.
Hates:  Bisexuals and any kind of Same-Sex relationships,Perverts,her hair getting messy

Name: Seamus Hunter Harter/Firepaw
Age: 37
Status: Single
Species: English Bulldog
Eye/Hair/Fur: Crimson/Black/ White w/Brown
Occupation: Henchman/Scientist
Loves: Women,Music,and Fast Cars
Hates: See other Enemies. Durr. But also hates when he's interrupted/ 

Name: Thomas William Henry/Shadowrine
Age: 42
Orientation: Straight
Status: Married
Species: Tasmanian Devil
Eye/Hair/Fur: Gold/Silver/Black
Occupation: Henchman/Inventor
Loves: Working out,Playing the Piano,Cooking
Hates: See Other Enemies again.